Best Beginner Road Bike Under $500 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Why are you looking to buy a best beginner road bike under $500?

Because, the beginner road bike is conventionally a high-quality bike in build and material. For the reason, that beginner looks for the quality product at a low price for starters. Typically, the bikes’ material is aluminum and carbon steel. Moreover, it tends to expand all the bumps on the road.

Buying a bike online is truly convenient; however, it depends on one’s personal choices. With that in mind, we have mentioned some options worth buying, so no one regrets their decision with whatever they opt for. So here is the top beginner road bike under $500 list.

Best Beginner Road Bike Under $500 2021

Benefits of Beginner Road Bikes

Everyone is a beginner once. Hence, making mistakes and coming across some mishaps while riding is a reality. Whilst everyone does everything to avoid accidents, sometimes, it may become hard to take control. Especially, if the motions of the bike are specifically new.

Since the beginner road bikes are light in weight and easy to ride because they do not carry a lot of weight. The ratio of accidents lowers. Also, they manage to stop or brake a lot more rapidly. Most importantly, bikes for beginners tend to be cheaper compared to the advanced ones. In other words, they are much easier and simpler to learn and ride.

Top 3 Beginner Road Bike Under $500 Reviews

Purchasing the best beginner road bike under $500 does not have to be a complicated task. In actual, there are various road bikes available online that you need to buy within your budget. Therefore, we have concluded a list of the finest beginner road bikes in order to assist you to begin your cycling voyage.

01. Mongoose Title Expert BMX Race Bike for Beginner Riders

Mongoose Title Expert BMX

Mongoose Title Expert’s amazing design that is the best for beginners is going to give you a top-notch experience. Above all, at the most affordable rate that one just cannot afford to miss. The bike’s construction is by the T1 aluminum bike frame that is so light in weight.

Further, it has about 19.49 inches of the top tube along with an integrated headgear, an internal routing wire, strong steel, 6.5 inches of the rise steering bars, 48-millimeter stem, Xposure composite steel rim, Arisen race tires XLR8 BMX, 42 by 16t gear along with a 3-piece cylindrical chromo, 160 mm cranks, and finally an euro bullet foot pedal.

We Love
  • High-quality bike
  • Easy assembly of the bike
  • Manual contains useful and important information
We Don't Love
  • The frame is of moderate-quality
  • Cranks of the bike are heavy

Mongoose Title Expert performs well on the softest tracks to the hugest bumpy roads. For riders seeking for never-ending tracks, this is a perfect choice.

02. Schwinn Fastback AL Claris Performance Road Bike

Schwinn Fastback AL Claris

With Schwinn Fastback, one can set their own pace. They can go farther and quicker exploring the open tracks on the beautiful, stable, and light in weight bike.

Schwinn bikes diminish the threatening factor by adding comfort to the riding experience. It even offers the perfect balance of execution and element to riding fast, mounting high, and pushing the distance.

We Love
  • Easy and convenient to put together
  • Decent for the price
  • Great gears to support climbing high
We Don't Love
  • Fitting of the front hub is quite difficult

If you are looking for something to trust and need persistent devotion to the quality measures and inventiveness; Schwinn is your go-to bike.

03. Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike for Beginner

Mongoose Title 24 BMX

The Mongoose Title 24 constitutes a light in weight structural T1 frame of aluminum with 21.26 inches top tube. In addition, it comprises an integrated headphone along with an internal routing wire.

It features hi-ten alloy 8-inch steering bars with 50 millimeters stem, Xposure composite steel rim, and Arisen race tires XLR8 BMX. Moreover, it owns 44 by 16t gears with a 3-piece pipe-like chromo and around 170 mm crank.

We Love
  • Affordable price
  • Superlight, amazing colors, and solid construction
  • Proper alignment of wheels
We Don't Love
  • Crankset may be unstiff

Mongoose Title 24’s design is so extraordinary that it made into the list of Title series by Mongoose. This is an ideal choice for beginners to enjoy the high-quality riding experience.

Buying Guide: Beginner Road Bike

Looking for the best beginner road bike under $500? There is so much to consider from type to extras to gearing. Therefore, here is the step-to-step buying guide for purchasing the perfect bike.

Determine the Reason for the Usage

There are a lot of reasons to use a bike. Every individual has its own needs and preferences. Some prefer to take it to work, or some just want to live a healthy lifestyle and therefore, they opt for bikes.

There are some aspects to use a bike, and they are:

For going fast over Tarmac:

The ideal is to buy a drop-steering bar road bike.

Want an elevated riding posture:

Choose a bike that has a flat steering handle, for instance, hybrid or the mountain bike.

For luggage carrying purposes:

Opt for a bike with racks to mount that come in the shape of threaded fixtures on the seat.

Love to ride a road bike in the rain:

One must know how to fit the mudguard, as a result, one may require to use fittings.

Want to have an adventure by riding in the hilly area:

Take the wide gear ranger with you.

Thinking to go off-road:

For sheer, rugged tracks, take a mountain road bike, whereas, for smooth trails, a hybrid is a perfect choice.

Consider the Rider’s Size

The inside leg of the rider helps in dictating the size of the road bike. That is to say that the rider needs to be capable of reaching the pedal from the seat.

Also, standing comfortably over the bike while being motionless. Hence, consider the size of the rider before selecting the ideal one.

Determine the Extras and Accessories

The bike may be able to come with almost everything a rider requires. In other words, a road bike that comes with installation and accessories necessary to ride it. Here are a few things that a rider may want to look for in the bike while purchasing.

The height of the saddle

The saddle must be at the length, which makes a bend in the knee of the rider. The bend should be at 25-30° from linear when the foot is at the pedal’s stroke.

Steering bar placement

In order to obtain a convenient, sustainable and effective back position, the rider may require to adjust their reach along with the height of the steering bar.


There is a legal requirement to fulfill if someone needs to ride a bike at night time. On the other hand, it is sensible as well. A flashed front light is a part of the bike that most riders want to own.

That is to say, it is convenient for riders to follow the trails of light on the darker road. While buying, riders come across two choices.

Either to buy a small light that ranges just a few meters, whereas the high-power light ranges many meters forward.


For riders, who need to carry some stuff whilst riding; consider these two options. Firstly, using a saddlebag to clip on the rack to the front of the bike.

Secondly, having a rucksack. Saddlebag is more convenient and lets the rider carry lots of stuff, but may look awkward on the bike.

On the contrary, the rucksack is comfortable to carry and keeps the rider organized, but gives a sweaty posterior.


Most bikes, particularly the top-quality road bikes do not have any pedals. But if they have, they are of cheap quality that just takes up space. For beginners, the ideal options for the road bikes in terms of pedals are flat and BMX style pedals that a rider can use wearing any shoes.

They totally have a mechanism to grasp the shoes in place over the pedal and the rider can walk easily wearing them.


Our suggestion for the tires is quite simple. Choose the road bike with the fattest tires that the frame may carry as well. The good reason for this is that the fat tires. Even the ride and do not slow the rider down if they are made from the superior quality products.

Many bikes take around 25 or 26 mm tires; however, some may even take 28 mm tires too.

Best Brands of Beginner Road Bike

We compared two of the top beginner road bike under $500 to quantify the distinctiveness in their riding experience. Luckily for the readers, we combed through the finest road bikes. Check them out to know why we opted for these bikes for beginners.

1. Mongoose

The brand of bikes “Mongoose” pays attention to 2 product-lines for customers. Their bikes have been known for their high reliability and build. They even tend to hold up amazingly. The bikes are the best when it comes to performance as they can ride well on the smooth as well as the bumpy roads.

Further, the bikes’ construction is of high-quality frames and components. Its BMX along with mountain bike construction is of aluminum and steel high-end material that brings about the competition for other bikes in the market. A factor that further distinguished it from other bike brands is its affordability.

2. Schwinn

Generally, Schwinn bikes are an amazing quality brand in accordance with their offered price. They construct bikes with high-quality material that is enough to please the rider by enhancing his/her riding experience.

Schwinn is definitely the best brand to buy a road bike currently since it represents the highest quality possible in exchange for the price paid. One of the other wonderful advantages of buying a Schwinn road bike is that it provides the users with a lifetime warranty.

For instance, if the bike comes across a problem in the construction, Schwinn will fix it without any cost. To sum up, if you are looking for a fun ride experience, Schwinn is your go-to brand.

Beginner Road Bike FAQs

Is riding a bike dangerous? How will the gear of the bike work? What material of the bike does one need? What if there is never-ending traffic? Being a beginner road bike rider, one may think of these questions.

Therefore, don’t worry! We have got it all covered. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions by beginners.

Q1. At what distance, a beginner road biker should ride?

When it comes to getting the idea of distance along with the speed, the usual bike riding speed is around 12 mph. To clarify when a rider rides a bike, in the first week, they might cover around 2 miles. After 2 months, the rider will become able to ride about 10 miles every day.

Q2. How will one know if the bike is small for them?

Luckily, the road bikes’ setup depends on the users. The user can change the specifications, for instance, the height of the seat, reach, pedal setback and steering bars to have smooth riding experience.

Q3. Does a bike’s frame size affect the riding experience?

The most considerable aspect of the frame size of a road bike is its riding position along with the comfort it provides. In order to make sure everything’s perfect, get the height of the saddle right.

Consequently, when selecting the frame size of the bike, one needs to ensure that they do not hunch up or stretch out. Also, the reach to the steering bar is convenient.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly researching, we have reached the conclusion that the best beginner road bike under $500 is Schwinn because it has better suspension. Its suspension gives only a comfortable and powerful riding position. Moreover, it assures you of the perfect bike riding experience.

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