Best Demolition Hammer For Tile Removal 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Before start reading the best demolition hammer for tile removal article, you should know some related information. Please check below:

When it comes to a home improvement project, it is sometimes much more affordable to do the project yourself. Yes, hiring a pro will get the job done more quickly, but the amount of money that can be saved doing the project yourself and that feeling of satisfaction of a job well done:


But before attempting a project one thing to consider is do you have all the right tools at your disposal? Without a doubt, having the right tools is necessary to complete the project quicker and make the process less frustrating.

One of the biggest do-it-yourself projects is tile removal, and if you have ever had the luxury of having to remove tile, you would understand the amount of work that is needed to complete the job. Investing in the perfect demolition hammer will save you time and energy to get the project done.

Shopping, in general, can be very frustrating, especially when done online. When shopping online, it can be very time consuming and irritating as well. More likely than not, you will not have any type of hands on experience using the product prior to the purchase, so your decision is based on other users reviews and weighing pros and cons. All of which can be very frustrating, which raises your stress level and the actual project hasn’t even started.

When considering a demolition hammer, one must consider the project at hand. There are a few things that need to be considered:

  • Material being removed
  • Space
  • Power
  • Storage

Top 10 Demolition Hammer For Tile Removal 2021

Understanding these things will determine the right demo hammer needed. And one more thing, we have compiled a list of the best demolition hammers on the market so that when it comes time to make that purchase, you will feel confident in the model you choose and to help save on that one thing you can never get back; time.

1. The SDS- Max Demolition Hammer by Bosch

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The Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max will get that tile demo project job completed very quickly and no fuss. Since no tool is needed to change bits, this allows you to jump from job to job without missing a step. This demolition hammer also has a dial to control the speed of the hammer, which will allow the hammer to be customized to what is necessary to get the job done.

This allows for fewer mistakes and less time needed for cleanup, so you can get back to the task at hand. Soft-start is available with this hammer. This option prevents the hammer from kicking when started like other demo hammers. This hammer has everything that one will need from a demolition hammer.

Working in tight spaces? No problem. With its adjustable chisel angle, you can get in tight and at different angles all while still making good contact. With a reputation for long-lasting durability, this tool will last for years to come. The only downside to this hammer is that it has a motor that contains brushes, which will need to be changed periodically. If a brushless option were made available, it might very well be the only demolition hammer you will ever own.

  • No tool needed to change bits.
  • Dial offers variable-speed.
  • Soft start.
  • Chisel angle can be adjusted.
  • Brush motors.

2. The D25901K Demo Hammer by Dewalt

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The Dewalt D25901K is a lightweight demo hammer. Weighing only 37 pounds, it is about 40% lighter than what other comparable demolition hammers weigh.

What’s the benefit of using a lighter model? The fact that it can be used longer without the user getting tired and worn out. (Trust us your muscles will thank you later.) And your hands will greatly appreciate the other perk to this hammer. The drill will help compensate for the unavoidable vibrations given off when making contact by using its active vibration control.

The motor is sealed to prevent dust from affecting the hammer which will help extend the life-span of this hammer. This hammer will be the go-to hammer for many more projects. The one negative of this hammer is the power, which is average at best. For most projects at home, the power should be enough, but if the job entails taking out concrete walls, then you may need a more powerful hammer. Besides the lack of power this hammer is a quality model that has all the qualities of a top-rated demolition hammer.

  • Vibration control.
  • Sealed to prevent dust from affecting the machine.
  • Impact control.
  • Fairly lightweight.
  • Power is average at best.

3. Xtremepower US KIT347 Demolition-Hammer

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If value is something important, then the Xtremepower US 2200-Watt KIT347 would top the list. This demolition hammer is about a quarter of the price one would pay of the other hammers on the list. But that is not the only thing that makes this hammer the most affordable option on the list. No need to buy chisels, since this hammer comes with them.

It is also equipped with anti-vibration. This will keep your arms and hands from tiring out while using it. This hammer is so easy to handle and reposition making it a great option to use in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Customize this model for the job at hand. With the capability of adjusting chisel angles and hammer speed, any job can be done. Unfortunately, some models were shipped leaking oil which can be a concern, but not that big of a concern for someone looking for a good hammer at an affordable price.

  • Chisels included.
  • Anti-vibration.
  • Weight-balanced for easy re-positioning.
  • Ability to adjust the angle of the chisel and the speed necessary to tackle any project.
  • Oil Leaks.

4. TR Industrial TR89100 Demolition Hammer

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The TR Industrial TR89100 is a mixed bag of sorts. Nothing says value like getting accessories at no extra charge. This demolition hammer comes with additional chisels, which is a great value especially if you have never owned a hammer before.  Another plus is the storage case that comes with the hammer. This case makes for easy transport and storage. All these extras at no additional cost to you and this demolition hammer is less expensive than the other models on the list.

Sounds like a great value.

Well, why such a low ranking on the list?

The reason for the lower ranking is there are some serious flaws attributed to this model. Poor quality of parts may pose a problem with this model. This can lead to more repairs and replacement costs and a high possibility of this demolition hammer not being of much use after a couple of projects. Another knock is this hammer’s motor is exposed which can lead to dirt and dust being able to get inside the motor housing.

This will greatly reduce the life-span of the brushes leading to replace the brushes more often. With the additional costs that may come with having to replace parts, there is an argument that could be made to just spend a little more on the purchase on a more reliable hammer in order to save more money and aggravation in the long run.

  • Chisels included.
  • Case included as well.
  • Good value at purchase.
  • Quality control is average.
  • Motor housing is not sealed to protect from dust.

5. Milwaukee SDS-Max Hammer for Demolition

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The Milwaukee 5446-21 SDS-Max is a compact hammer perfect to use in very small spaces or to tackle any angles. This hammer is equipped with anti-vibration which won’t leave you reaching for that bottle of aspirin when done. But unfortunately, there are some negatives to go with this model.

The weight can be an issue. It is very heavy compared to other models that are of a similar size, which lowers its value when it comes to compactness. It doesn’t pack the same amount of punch as other smaller hammers in its same class. This will make certain projects more difficult and take more time to complete. Which is something we can all agree with is not something someone wants when completing a project.  It is priced quite high, but not as high as others that are on the list. But with all things considering one must weigh the costs in the long-run and this model quickly lose its values over time.

  • Many features so little bit compact.
  • Anti-vibration is included.
  • Little bit expensive.
  • Heavy weight.

Buying Guide

Here’s to hoping that these reviews will give future hammer drill owners some insight on what to look for in the demolition hammer that is needed for your project without hurting your pocket. Although you may have no idea of the exact model that you desire, it is always smart to have some basic knowledge before deciding, especially if it’s your first purchase.

That is why we are adding a buyer’s guide to this article as well. The hope is for this guide to help new hammer drill users, have some basic knowledge on what to look for when comparing different demolition hammers before making a purchase. It is important to understand the differences between hammers. For instance:

  • What can a demolition hammer can do?
  • What to look for in a hammer? and
  • What to avoid?

This is all useful information so a buyer can feel confident in their choice in their purchase and get the most value out of the purchase.


The size of the hammer is going to be the most noticeable difference between demo hammers. If your job is outdoors, it won’t matter how big the hammer is. But inside? It matters, especially if working in tighter spaces with some hard to reach areas.

There are smaller, much more compact demo hammers that are available to choose from. Be sure to purchase a model that packs the necessary punch to get the job done. A smaller model although convenient if it doesn’t have a lot of power, the completion time of a project will be much longer.

There are models that you can adjust the angels of the chisels as well. This makes for a great option, especially on projects that require work in tighter spaces and areas where there is no way to avoid difficult angles. All without sacrificing the necessary power to get the job done.


Power is one of those attributes that can be somewhat little deceiving. Some manufacturers rate  their power in watts, while others use amps. If there is one thing to remember is not to be too overly concerned with power for a couple of reasons.

First Reason is Efficiency

It is important to remember that models differ in how they convert the power needed resulting in different efficiency. So, a model that may have a higher efficiency but uses less power, could be a better option than a hammer that has a higher power rating but is much less efficient.

Second is the Job

Even though an electric demolition hammer could be used on concrete walls, more than likely the project will consist of tile removal. If that is the case, it will not require that much power in order to complete the job. If by chance a high-power model is selected, then the hammer would complete the job just as quickly at a low setting.

List of Accessories

Accessories are always a plus. So accessories will add value to the purchase, especially if purchasing for the first time. Whether it is necessary items like chisels and safety googles, or an optional one like a case any accessory that may come with a demolition hammer is a plus. Including these items with the initial purchase, at a discount, saves you both time and money from having to buy these items separately driving up the initial price that much more.

Having chisels that come with the demolition hammer is probably the most important accessory to look for. Since most models do not come with a chisel, let alone additional chisels, finding a demolition hammer that offers chisels with the purchase is a great value.

 There are also a few additional reasons to look for a model that has chisels:

  • If you are looking to use your hammer for multiple projects, getting extra chisels is a must. Most chisels (depending on the job) may not last that long.
  • Compatibility. Have peace of mind knowing that the chisels will fit. Nothing is more discouraging than having to find the right chisel to fit the hammer.


With so many demolition hammers available on the market, it was tough to narrow it down to these five. Even more challenging is selecting the top ones from this list.  Let’s recap the list. To start out the Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max tops the list because of its tool-free change feature. It also features a variable-speed adjustment dial and a soft start.

Coming in close was The Dewalt D25901K. This hammer came in second on the list due to its lightweight and it also  packs a punch. It also features variable impact control and a housed motor. The only knock is top-end power is lacking. The XtremepowerUS 2200Watt KIT347 is the best value on the list. It comes with chisels and features anti-vibration.

A weight balanced hammer makes it perfect to use in small, tight spaces. The TR Industrial TR89100 is great since it includes chisels and even comes with a case all at an affordable price. But it’s unsealed motor, and poor control drops this model on the list. The Milwaukee 5446021 SDS-Max is small and features anti-vibration but is extremely heavy for its size and is not very powerful. All this combined with a hefty price tag, puts this hammer at the bottom of the list.

Hopefully, this list helped shed some light on what qualities make up a great demolition hammer. Now don’t let that project continue to go undone, start today looking for the demolition hammer you need to get that project done.

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