Best Electrician Tool Belts Reviews 2021 and Buying Guide

Are you a master electrician? Or a DIYer? If so then you are already familiar little or more about the comfort of using tool belts. So then you can read this best electrician tool belts reviews article to know the issue perfectly.

An electrician tool belt can be said another tool that carries all other necessary tools. Not only an electrician, but also a construction worker, DIYer, carpenters, building specialist may require this accessory.

As speed, efficiency and safety are most important considering issue for these professionals, therefore having a tool belt is convenient for them. It is so easy to access any tool they want while working.

The core purpose of an electrician tool belt is to carry the required tools. Workers may work under any circumstances. They may work on ceiling or any high place. It is not a good idea to use ladder repeatedly.

In contrast, carry all tools while working is not handy. That is why for extra ease an electrician tool belt is necessary. Many manufacturers make this useful accessory.

Variety pattern and size of tool belt has variety type of usage. In order to have proper guideline for buyers, 10 best recommendations of electrician tool belt are given below.

Best Electrician Tool Belts Reviews 2021

Top 10 Electrician Tool Belts Reviews

Here are top 10 electrician tool belts reviews you can read. These reviews can help you to understand actually which one is perfect for you. All of these electrician tool belts are best, perfect and good. But it is true, all are not perfect and best for you.

So if you read these reviews one after one, you can make your decision easily about which one will suit for you. Lets go to explore the world!

1. DEWALT DG5617 20 Pocket Framer’s Combo Apron


DEWALT DG5641 offers you a serviceable stuff. To carry your tools easily, you can work with this 20 pocket framer’s combo apron with suspender. The belt designed with eight large gusset-style pockets and 21 smaller sleeves which are well enough to hold all your tools, nails, parts or anything you may need.

To get comfort even more, the belt has 5 inch adjustable padded suspenders with double tongue roller buckle. Suspenders help in weight distribution while buckle keeps the tool belt in position. Similarly, the patented pouch handle is given for simple belt adjustment which results easy one carrying.

We Love
  • Useful for large heavy tool.
  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Convincible price.
  • Durable.
We Don't Love
  • No pockets on suspender.

2. Occidental Leather 5590 Electrician Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 5590

When this leather product arrives on user’s hand, he/she must be quite happy because of its quality and great outlook. Its hand specific tool holders promote utmost working rhythm and remove discomfort. In terms of function, it is truly made for modern electrician. The belt comes with 37 compartments in total. These dedicated spaces fulfill user’s need.

The belt is not entirely made by leather. There are two largest pocket of nylon which lessens belt weight. However, The Occidental Leather 5590 Electrician Tool Belt is considerably a good tool belt. By proper usage and care it will last for long.

We Love
  • One of the most durable tool belts.
  • Relatively more compartments.
  • Handy and great outlook.
We Don't Love
  • Tight and small pockets.
  • Lacks a tape measure clip.

3. ToughBuilt- Journeyman Electrician Pouch + Hub with Shoulder Strap

ToughBuilt- Journeyman Electrician Pouch

The ToughBuilt Journeyman makes up all requirements of a professional electrician. 21 Pockets of this tool belt can hold tools as well as wire tester. The layout of this tool belt is designed so efficiently as if it could strengthen the holding capacity of each compartment. The tool belt also has a flash light wrap with a view to working in darkness.

Electricians who likes to carry light tool belt, it is a perfect finding for them. Because the tool belt is too light to carry and move around. 7 screwdriver loops, tape chain, notebook pocket, 2 adjustable tool pockets and custom fit flashlight wrap make this product choice worthy. Above all, the ToughBuilt Journeyman is a beautiful well designed product that able to serve almost all the purpose of an electrician tool belt.

We Love
  • Tough built quality.
  • Help to work faster yet smarter.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Weather friendly item.
We Don't Love
  • Limited carrying capacity regarding weight.

4. MagnoGrip 203- 017 Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt

MagnoGrip 203- 017

Buyers may choose this product for some specific reasons. First of all, the double layered polyester material makes the belt strong and durable. Secondly, the design of the tool belt is user friendly. Simple looks but convenient to use. There are clasps so that you can easily attach it with your waist. For its extensible clasp it can adjust almost all waist size.

Finally, there are 12 large pockets along with two large pouches at the front of the belt of both sides. The magnetic pockets of the tool belt are capable to hold tools securely together. One can easily store tools and additional things in it.

We Love
  • Affordable price comparing to quality.
  • Easy to access for open pockets.
  • Magnetic nail pockets for secure storage.
We Don't Love
  • Magnetic pockets may be irritating sometimes as it picks unwanted tools nearby.

5. DEWALT DG5103


If your first priority is ease of access tool and cozy to use then DEWALT DG5103 is an ideal selection for you. Due to multipurpose comfortable usage many electrician like this product. Varieties of tools are well fit in it. This hand free holder feature by big sized pockets, loops along a sleeve pocket which can carry heavier tools.

It is an excellent spontaneous tool for electricians who are always on their toes. The belt’s ballistic poly material is endurable against long term use. The most relating loveable part of this tool belt is the wide belt strap. The rear clip is wide enough too. For these advantages tools sit comfortably in it.

We Love
  • Looks stylish and trendy.
  • Trapezoid correct shape permits improved movement.
  • Qualitative product with comparatively low price.
We Don't Love
  • Thin metal used in clip & so it may break for carrying heavy tools.

6. CLC 1608 Electrician’s Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt

CLC 1608 Electrician’s Comfort Lift

If you are not still convinced by above mentioned tool belt then you can undoubtedly consider about this tool belt. The CLC custom leathercraft 1608 has fabulous value for your money for its extra ordinary design and cushy usage. It is made from high quality polyester fabric. The tool belt has 28 pockets for plenty of storage.

The main selling point of this tool belt is shoulder harness system. The belt features a dual strap support system to provide additional support for the tool pouches. In addition to shoulder strap reduce weight load and capable of carrying bulky tools. For its unique design strategy it is adjustable for all waist size. In terms of price? It is really a budget friendly exceptional product.

We Love
  • Unique padded suspenders.
  • Have a cordless drill pocket.
  • Comfortably fit in all waists.
  • Plenty of storage.
  • Reasonable price.
We Don't Love
  • Suspenders may not bear over load.

7. GatorBack B240 Electrician’s Tool Belt

GatorBack B240 Electrician’s Tool Belt

GatorBack B240 Electrician’s combo with pro comfort back support belt is effective in action as like it’s given title. The most relaxing thing about this tool belt is one year warranty. You can replace it if found any defect or damage immediate after buying. You can extend or shorten the tool belt according to your waist size.

Furthermore, it allows air channel inside the belt to prevent sweating. The pouches have multiple pockets. Instead of sagging it holds all your required tools. Design and shape is also choosing worthy. Price is not off limits. These are the considering issues that make it different from other tool belts.

We Love
  • The belt has made by breathable material.
  • Available different size in conformity with waist size.
  • Comfortable sweat free experience.
  • Easy to access pockets.
  • Capable to bear heavy loads.
We Don't Love
  • Price bit higher than other existing tool belts in market.
  • Pockets are small in size and pouches are relatively shallow than it appears.

8. ToughBuilt- Handyman Tool Belt Set

ToughBuilt- Handyman Tool Belt

ToughBuilt- Handyman Tool Belt Set is incredible innovative idea for tool work professionals. This set includes 2 rugged pouches, padded belt and a heavy duty buckle.

Compact kickstand allows the pouch and tools standing on the floor or table. Its 27 customized pockets and loops comprise with 2 large capacity pockets make this tool belt suitable to use randomly.

You don’t worry about snagging because there is no snag hidden seam inside it. Overall customization is adjustable, effortless and interchangeable pouches are compatible for extreme work professionals.

We Love
  • Handy long lasting product.
  • Ensure maximum comfort.
  • Easy to move around while wearing it.
  • Multi-tasking tool belt set.
  • Affordable price.
We Don't Love
  • Zippers are comparatively cheap in quality.
  • Lack a hook for the harness.

9. Boulder Bag Electrician Belt Comfort Combo W/Metal Buckle

Boulder Bag Electrician Belt

Boulder Bag Electrician Belt is another perfect choice for electrician. It is a combo of bag & belt. One can easily adjust the belt around their waist with the metal buckles. Although it is made by light weight material but it is strong and hard to tear.

The two separate pouches have 7 pockets to keep safely your tools inside. There is a separate hammer pouch too. The belt has padded interior to maximize comfort while wearing. Consequently, this medium range simple look tool belt can be eligible for those who like simplicity as well as efficient product.

We Love
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Suitable for regular use.
  • Durable for long time.
We Don't Love
  • High price comparing given service.

 10. McGuire- Nicholas 526- CC

McGuire- Nicholas 526- CC

Some users may like to use fabric encouraged tool belt on their handiwork. This tool belt is for them. This leather tool belt has each of the right stitching and surprisingly light weight. Pockets are sturdy and cozy to use.

The loops and pockets are big enough to serve an electrician. The additional attraction of this tool belt is T chain tape clip. It holds all extra tools you may not place inside the pockets. Hence, its impressive appearance and overall quality make another substitute of existing tool belts.

We Love
  • An actual useful product for DIY home projects.
  • Excellent leather quality.
  • Rivet reinforced for durability.
  • Unbelievable low price comparing craft material.
We Don't Love
  • Not recommended from day 1 using as it may feel stiff at first.
  • It may damage soon if not maintained properly.

Buying Guide on Electrician Tool Belts

If you don’t know, which features you need to check before buy an electrician tool belt, this part is for you. Here we have added a nice and informative buying guide from basic to advance. So if you follow this buying guide, you can buy a tool belt easily within a short time.

Fabric Material

Most common materials used in the tool belt are nylon, polyester and leather. Many users don’t like leather for its toughness and extra care. But this can’t be also denied leather is an ideal component for longevity. On the other hand polyester and nylon are famous for heavy quality stitching.

Though this 2 fabric material is weaker than leather, but do age well. Price is also affordable. If you want both longevity and cost efficiency then it is good idea to choose a belt that blends leather and nylon together.

Comfortable Daily Usage

Wearing a belt full of tools in working hours is not an easy task. It is really important to spend money for a tool belt that fits well and feel comfortable. To ensure maximum comfort buy such belts those have padding on the interior lining. Moreover, choose a belt with breathable material for spare comfy experience.


Everyone wants to invest in a product with superior quality. In terms of quality first thing come in mind is hardiness. If your tool belt is a product with hardiness then you should pay attention of that particular tool belt.

Hardiness mostly depends on overall structure, design and fabric material.


When it comes to belt pricing, overlook that you are paying for the best one within your budget. If you can perfectly balance between cost and quality then you will be a winner customer.


Capacity is one of the key issues that a buyer looks for taking a good tool belt from market.  An electrician must seek such a belt that has plenty of space and able to carry all his required tools.

Tool belt with large pocket may easily place large tools. It is an extra ease if your tool belt has good enough capacity power.

Easy Access to Tools

Tool belt professionals are always in a hurry. They have to complete their task quickly with accuracy and so easy access to tools is must. Make sure that your tool belt is convenient for easy access of tools. As a result, you don’t need to make an effort to take out tools. It saves time too.

Number of Pockets

Your tool belt pocket number must play role for enough storage. Number of more pockets means more storage and less possibility to miss any important tiny tool that you may need too.

Best Brands of Tool Belts

Here are some best brands of tools belts that we have selected. If you follow these brands to choose your tools belt, you can buy from below one.

1. Occidental Leather

Occidental Leather is a worldwide manufacturing company of USA. Since 1980, Occidental has set the standard quality in the tool belt industry. They use field tested best materials for the best creation of tool belt. Occidental Leather is a dedicative brand name who serves superior solutions through quality tool belt.

2. ToughBuilt

ToughBuilt is UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative tools and accessories. They are dedicated to deliver affordable innovation to you. Their main vision is to provide each customer improved brand new products.

3. Dewalt

In 1924 Dewalt was founded by Raymond E. Dewalt. Dewalt is basically an American worldwide brand, making best hand/power tool and constructions material for 95 years. It is one of the most powerful dominating brands in Amazon.

4. Custom Leathercraft

With the motto “Make the best work gear we can and keep the price reasonable” CLC is serving building industry for 35 years. They make and supply the products by their best effort and value. CLC tool belts maintain premium quality in existing market.

FAQ – Electrician Tool Belts

If you have no time to read a full buying guide, this part is for you. After reading this FAQ section, you can get a perfect idea on tool belts. So lets go!

Q-01. What is the main function of an electronic tool belt?

Answer: Basically a tool belt is an additional work wear that provides a portable support to keep your must have tools nearby.

Q-02. What type of worker needs to wear a tool belt?

Answer: Who needs to work with lot of tools in any environment or situation. Such as, electrician, carpenters, DIYers, builders, construction worker etc.

Q-03. Why should one wear tool belt on working time?

Answer: Professionals manage more working time and less time searching tools when wearing a belt.

Q-04. What are the common materials used in tool belt?

Answer: Usually, synthetic material like nylon or polyester and solid material like leather is used when manufacture a tool belt.

Q-05. How to select the right one?

Answer: It depends on mainly 3 things. They are: for which profession you are going to use the tool belt, what are your expected qualities that have to be in your tool belt and how long you expect it to last?

Q-06. How to take care of my tool belt for a long time using?

Answer: For general maintenance cleanliness is must. For special care you need to know well about fabric material of your tool belt. Keep away from those things which can damage your tool belt soon.

Q-07. From where to buy best electrician tool belt?

Answer: From Amazon you can order best quality tool belts. Either you can purchase your tool belt through online shops or go to the nearby market.


Going through this buying guide and product reviews hopefully you get a moderate idea about tool belts. Now scan the best qualities you want to get in your desired tool belt to insure an informed purchase.

Provided recommendation may vary to size, structure, price or comfort level but all are the ideal option for you.

Now give a try to have the best experience of your tool friend. So, hope, now you can use your electric tools in safe way.

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