Best Gun Cleaning Solvent Reviews 2021 & Buying Guide

Best Gun Cleaning Solvent

How it will be if your gun doesn’t shoot at the target on right time? You may miss your desired prey or it sometimes annoying while practicing shoot. Keeping your gun clean won’t let it happen.

Regular habit of cleaning gun makes your firearm smooth and effective. It is one of the core duties among firearm maintenance actions.

However, if you don’t want the dirt to interrupt with your shooting performance you need to clean and maintain them properly.

Most of the gun cleaning kit has no solvent. That’s why solvent has to purchase separately. When you fire each time your gun left basically 3 types of contaminants: copper, lead and carbon. Gun cleaning solvent serves as a liquid to keep your gun clean and residues free.

Choosing the right chemical among many options is bit challenging and tricky as well. Here we are for making your buying decision easily. In this article you will get an overall idea of gun cleaning solvent along with our 10 best suggestions. Have a look…

Best Gun Cleaning Solvent 2021

Buying Guide of Gun Cleaning Solvent

Before purchase any gun cleaning solvent, you should read this buying guide to get a perfect, good and best cleaning solvent for your gun.

So here are some researched tips and tricks to understand a good gun cleaning solvent quality.

Types of Firearm

Different type firearms may require different solvents. For example, if you are owner of antique firearm you may need one kind of solvent. On the other hand, if you have typical modern firearms then you need another. Make sure before buying gun cleaning solvent according to type of your gun.

Multipurpose Function

Some gun cleaning solvent are called complete package that may save your valuable time from buying different solvents and oil for each task. Multipurpose approach is mostly preferable for its several functions.

Fastest Acting Solvent

The more efficient the cleaning solvent, the more time you can save while cleaning your gun. It is so true that fastest acting solvent are most popular now a days. So, it will be wise decision to buy fast acting abrasive gun cleaning solvent.

Choose Powerful One

If you need to clean an old filthy firearm or you just want your gun seems brand new then you must choose a powerful gun solvent. If the substance of cleaning solvent is pretty powerful then it is quite possible to transform your oldest dirty firearm to new one & well-functioning also.

Cost Effective

Buying budget friendly product is always pleasant for smart consumers. Budget friendly doesn’t mean low budget in this case. Try to balance the cost with product quality. Don’t compromise your gun cleaning solvent quality with cheaper price. On the contrary, conscious about product high price as you have to buy this product again after a particular time.

Branded Product

It is wise to purchase well brand product which has tons of positive user reviews already. New buyers often get confused. It is core suggestion for them to buy a branded gun cleaning solvent. Because, most of the branded product is qualified for their upgraded features and improved manufacture.

The Scent

Every gun cleaner has its own individual scent. Some may like this some may not. If you have problem to breathe while cleaning gun with solvent, you can wear a nose mask or simply you can avoid the strong smell not to buy those powerful stuff.

Overall Quality

In terms of quality ensuring buyers attention has to be highest. Inexpensive gun cleaner may save your money but it does not carry needed quality. Make sure that all the components of your gun cleaning solvent are high qualitative as well as well performing.

Top 10 Gun Cleaning Solvent Reviews

Here are top 10 best gun cleaning solvent reviews that you can read. After reading these all 10, you can make your decision easily that which one is perfect for you.

1. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner

Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner

Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner is another name of ultra-effectiveness because this product has a brand value at the same time user satisfaction. It is apparently a qualitative dominant product among gun cleaner kit.

Hoppers enable to remove copper and lead the fouling in the barrel. As a result, users may have dry & smooth shooting experience.

Many features make a product buy/use worthy. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaner has all those qualities almost. Such as safe and easy usage, the nature of penetrate, childproof cap etc. Buyers can undoubtedly include this widely used gun cleaner on their shopping list.

We Love
  • Variety of different sizes is available.
  • Instant cleaning action.
  • Provide a barrier against wet and corrosion.
  • Superior lubrication & security to all area of a firearm.
  • Designed particularly for all types of firearms.
We Don't Love
  • Smell can be intolerable for some people.
  • Bottle tip is too flat for precise application.

2. Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil, Aerosol spray

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil is a biodegradable multipurpose aerosol. It was first created by the request of German Army. It is not only a gun cleaner but also can penetrate into that smallest space where the dirt & rust might be hiding.

One can keep his/her favorite firearm always new by using it regularly. Without damaging environment it protect your firearm tremendously. In addition to, it also preserves and protects other materials such as plastic, wood and leather. It is one of the wonderful choices for gun cleaning.

We Love
  • Long lasting performance.
  • Environment friendly product.
  • Protect wet surface as well as user skin too.
  • Reasonable price.
We Don't Love
  • Powerful strong smell.

3. Slip 2000 EWL 4oz

Slip 2000 EWL 4oz

Slip 2000 EWL 4oz is not an ordinary gun cleaner. It is military standard weapon cleaner. If you are seeking gun lubricant that provides special care to your important military firearm then Slip 2000 EWL 4oz is a perfect one.

This gun lube can work from 100” F (below 0) to 1,250” F (above 0). It can serve your gun 5 times longer than traditional oils. Usually traditional oils attract dust or sand but Slip 2000 is free from this trouble. It rather abates wear & friction. This non-toxic gun cleaner is fully safe for use on metal, plastic or wooden parts of your gun. You can use it without worrying about any health issue. It is entirely a good collection among gun cleaner kit.

We Love
  • Non- toxic & non- hazardous.
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperature that is competent for any weather.
  • Reduce 50% cleanup time.
We Don't Love
  • Container is below average quality.
  • Relatively pricy.

4. Sweets 7.62 Solvent

Sweets 7.62 Solvent

With powerful working action and smell Sweets 7.62 Solvent is made. It is a widely used international quality product. This solution easily clears out copper fouling from your gun. You don’t need to give much effort.

For its powerful action it often recommended to restore old dirty guns. You will also have to be careful while cleaning. Make sure that you don’t leave it in the bore more than 15 minutes. Overall it is a great choice. You can consider this solvent if you have to renew an old messy firearm.

We Love
  • Fast acting.
  • Truly powerful gun cleaner solvent.
  • It’s heavy copper fouling promptly work on older guns.
We Don't Love
  • Kinky strong smell may be off-putting for some people.

5. Pro Shot 1-Ounce Zero Friction Needle Oiler

Pro Shot 1-Ounce

Pro Shot 1-Ounce Zero Friction Needle Oiler provides superior swish performance. It is combination of premium artificial base which has created by rust preventive substance. Pro Shot 1-Ounce is enable to defend all moving metal elements.

It is an all-time favorite product for professional shooters. It’s all over defense quality and multi-functional lube makes it worth. Copper fouling system is so good. Once it is used by any, became the favorite one for its superior smooth performance. You can include this gun cleaning solvent in your shopping list.

We Love
  • Anti-wear and Anti-oxidants substance.
  • Extreme heat & cold multifunctional lubrication.
  • User friendly stuff.
  • Price reasonable comparing quality.
We Don't Love
  • Oil is bit thin and less in quantity.

6. Tetra Gun Grease

Tetra Gun Grease

Tetra Gun Grease is another good option among gun cleaner. It is designed that way which can protect guns for long term storage. Grease sometimes works better than oil in terms of cleaning firearms. Gun enthusiast and expert often recommend grease because oil evaporates gradually. In contrast grease can remain perfectly oiled or several years.

Tetra grease is basically formulated to rub into gun that will be stored for long periods of time. If you are planning to last long of your new gun then don’t forget to use this product. Above all, it is the best gun grease so far.

We Love
  • Use worthy for all type of guns.
  • Reduce wear & friction.
  • Provide long term cleanliness.
  • Assist long time weapon storage.
We Don't Love
  • Horrible strong odor though fades away after few minutes.

7. BreakFree CLP-4 Cleaner Lubricant Preservative Squeeze Bottle

BreakFree CLP-4 Cleaner

The breakfree CLP is a favorite name who owns gun. For its super fantastic formula it is still a top notch in existing market. This multitasking gun cleaner consistently keep user satisfaction. The reasons are several. Such as, container is convenient to use, price is quite affordable, cleaning power is superb and confront against any challenging weather. Most noteworthy the overall design and caliber of this gun cleaning solvent is outstanding.

We Love
  • Leaves behind an anti-abrasive film.
  • Includes a suitable nozzle for accurate cleaning.
  • Anti-corrosive.
  • Compact design and portable.
  • Weather proved.
We Don't Love
  • Bottle may leak sometimes unluckily.

8. Gunslick Ultra-Klenz Gun Cleaner

Gunslick Ultra-Klenz Gun Cleaner

In terms of gun cleaning some owner like liquid some may like spray or greaser. Apart from all of those if you like to use foaming then Gunslick Foaming Bore Cleaner is perfect consideration for you. This cleaning solvent produces thick and sturdy foam that penetrate easily.

It makes your firearm as clean as possible by removing all residues. The main benefit of this bore cleaner is the application method. The aerosol container is too convenient to use. It is consist of a plastic tube that will fit inside any barrel. Hence, if you don’t want to waste your valuable time in choosing and cleaning, you can consider this suggestion.

We Love
  • Quicker, easier & with more effective method.
  • Handy bottle.
  • Easy application.
  • Manufactured from superior quality materials.
  • Price range reasonable.
We Don't Love
  • This product is not for sale in some certain places.
  • Foam remains in the down of the container & may require scrubbing.

9. CLP by Sage & Braker – Gun Cleaning Al-in-One Formula

CLP by Sage & Braker

CLP by Sage & Braker refers an easy going smart solution for gun owners. This gun cleaning solvent works perfectly on bore snakes and all moving parts with a complete clean. It cleans as well as reduces buildup from carbon, copper & lead. This kind of solvent protects your gun from rust and corrosion.

The added advantage of CLP spray is its tolerable nice smell. You can breathe easily while cleaning your gun. Even more its easy usage method also saves your time. In terms of clean, lube and protect all in one pass, CLP spray can be a right pick as your gun cleaning solvent.

We Love
  • Non-hazardous, biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Not like other CLP oil; it somehow obstruct dust and lube properly.
  • Coats and protects the bore and all moving parts.
  • Improved hit emit resulting in cooler weapon operation temperature.
We Don't Love
  • Not suitable for all types of firearm.

10. Pro Shot Gun Care Zero Friction Spray Zero

Pro Shot Gun Care

Pro Shot 1-Ounce Zero Friction Needle Oiler stands for synthetic amber color oil that is sold in small bottles. These are markedly thinner than other gun oils. It averts dust & rust of your arms like a magic. This cleaning solvent seems like tiny but its working action is prompt. It is also able to protect your firearm’s all moving metal parts. Furthermore, pro shot needle oiler can be sensible buying option for gun cleaning purpose.

We Love
  • Easy usage with pinpoint applicator.
  • Light weight and portable.
  • Protective container.
We Don't Love
  • Price fluctuates sometimes.

Top 4 Brands

Here are top 4 brands details on best gun cleaning solvent. If you are looking to buy anyone, you can buy by choosing below any brand’s product. Because these are trusted and reliable that, you will get the best benefit.


Since 1903 Hoppe’s is a leading brand and the most trusted name in gun care. Frank August Hoppe mixed nine chemicals and created the world’s most effective gun cleaner. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner old and famous one in this product line up. It is still a top listed gun cleaner in Amazon since it meets customer satisfaction.


BreakFree is a leading manufacturer of synthetic based cleaners, lubricants and preservative compound for weapon maintenance. Product such as BreakFree CLP-4 Cleaner Lubricant Preservative is superior quality military weapon cleaner. It was initially developed for fully automatic cannons used by the U.S. military. This breakfree gun cleaning solvent was very first cleaning solution with special specification.


Ballistol is environment friendly and useful lubricant since 1904. Their motto is to develop oil that can be used on everything. This multipurpose gun cleaning solvent has become an essential tool for shooters. For its top notch quality Ballistol is a dominating name in existing market.


Tetra is a global company with employees and operations on six continents. This Tetra gun grease is the best gun grease to preserve arms for long time. TETRA’s products maintain a standard quality with improved specifications.


Q1. Why gun cleaning solvent needed?

Answer: To remove carbon, lead and other fouling from the bore gun cleaning solvent is needed.

Q2. How do I apply this on my gun?

Answer: There are clear written instructions on product body. For better understanding you can also watch tutorials if you are new in this case.

Q3. Does it prevent rust?

Answer: Yes some specific gun cleaning solvent like CLP can prevent rust also.

Q4. How many days can I use a gun cleaning solvent?

Answer: It depends on your usage & product quantity. Almost every gun cleaning solvent last one month by regular use.

Q5. Does this gun cleaner harm wood or plastic?

Answer: Some gun cleaners may harm on wood but okay for firearm’s plastic grip.

Q6. Do I need to use hand gloves while cleaning guns?

Answer: It’s better to use hand gloves if there any particular instruction on product label.

Q7. What is the proper storage instruction of gun cleaners?

Answer: After use close tightly and stay away from kids.

Q8. Which is the most convenient to use among gun cleaning solvent? Liquid, Grease or spray?

Answer: Most gun owner expert recommend for aerosol. It is the most convenient medium among gun cleaning solution. Furthermore, convenient usage depends on gun criteria. So, it is good idea to buy gun cleaning solvent according to your gun model & structure.

Q9. From where can I get the best guns cleaning solvent?

Answer: Both local market & online shops you can easily order your favorite gun cleaning solvent.


Nothing is new. All hunters and shooters already know the importance of gun cleaning solvent. Any machine get rusty if not look after well. In case of taking care one’s favorite weapon, gun cleaner is compulsory to buy.

It is wise to take few minutes before buying the perfect gun cleaning solvent according to your gun. Consequently one can choose the best one and enjoy watching his/her brand new looking gun performing well enough.

Above recommended are only a path to guide you but it is up to you which is most use worthy for your firearm.

With your strategic buying intention choose the best one and have a happier experience of cleaning guns.

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