Best Home Spray Tan Machine 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Why are you looking to buy a best home spray tan machine?

Are you a light user?

Well, then the home spray tan machine is the perfect solution for you.

Because you don’t need a huge bulky one to give you the perfect tan. And there is no need to hobble along to an expensive tanning salon to have a spray tan carried out.

Because you are a home user. So it is dead simple to start tanning.


So all you need is a home tanning machine. These portable bits of gear can easily be moved around and stored when not in use.

Beautification without a tanning machine is really going to struggle. Thankfully, spray tanning machines are not that expensive. In fact, one can be picked up for less than a few hundred dollars. One that is suitable for both ‘at home’ and in ‘professional environments’.

So the spray tan machine reviews on this page cover some of the best on the market. These are top rated for their build quality, as well as their overall affordability. Each of the products found on this list is ‘built to last’ and offers a hassle-free tan.

Best Home Spray Tan Machines 2021

Top 10 Home Spray Tan Machine Reviews

What follows is a list of the best spray tan machine reviews, with a couple of professional products thrown in for good measure. All of these spray tan machines have been selected for the quality they boast, while at the same time coming in at an incredibly affordable price. The editor keeps this list up to date with new launches that may be better than what is written here.

1. MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT

MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP

So this is perhaps the best spray tan machine for home on the market. It comes with everything one needs to give themselves a spray tan. This includes the tent, which really cuts down on the expense of the purchase, as well as all the tanning solutions required to get started too.

Coming it at under 5lbs in weight and a surprisingly small size, it is easy to maintain too with a cleanable and removable air filter. Despite being built for home use, this product has also been designed for use in a professional environment, and should serve anybody well who does not have spray tanning as a focal point of their business but still wishes to offer it as an ad-hoc service.

We Love
  • Lightweight product which is easy to move about
  • Includes everything needed to start spray tanning ‘out of the box’
  • Easy to clean and maintain, which prolongs lifespan.
We Don't Love
  • Auto shuts-off when it gets hot.

2. Fascination Spray Tanning Machine Kit with Sjolie Natural Sunless Tanning Solution

Fascination Spray Tanning Machine Kit

The Fascination product is perhaps the best professional spray tan machine on the market for those who run a mobile salon business. It is not under powered, though. Oh no. There is enough power in this piece of kit to have it as a staple in a ‘brick and mortar’ business too.

The spray gun in this unit has been designed specifically for quick application of a spray tan, taking under an hour to fully cover the entire body. It can be fired in both a horizontal and vertical pattern, which ensures that the user is able to obtain a variety of different ‘looks’.

Everything that is required to get started with tanning can be found in the box. This includes the spray tan unit, tanning solutions, and the tent.

We Love
  • Low maintenance nozzle ensures it remains in perfect working order.
  • Easy to use. Simple even for those who have not used spray tanning machines before.
  • Built for portability.
We Don't Love
  • Requires a bit more power for those working in salons ‘long term’.

3. Aura Allure Spray Tanning Kit

Aura Allure

This is a German-engineered product, which certainly says something about the quality that the Aura Allure brings to the table. So it is the quality of this product which earns it a place on this list of the perfect home spray tan machine reviews.

So as with many of the products on this list, everything required is included ‘in the box’. One of the real highlights of the Aura Allure is the fact that it has been built to ‘be quiet’, which is ideal for salon users who wish to continue to communicate with their customers while they are working.

So the look and feel of the unit makes it perfect for ‘in salon’ use. It has been designed with aesthetics in mind, which ensures that it will fit in well with the rest of the décor.

We Love
  • Easy to use and to set up.
  • Portable. Easy to store. Was the first product on the market with cable management.
  • Sleek designed.
We Don't Love
  • Requires about 30-minutes downtime between tanning sessions

4. MaxiMist Lite Plus Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine HVLP Airbrush Tan Maximist BLK

MaxiMist Lite Plus

So everything needed to get started with spray tanning is included in this kit. This includes one of the best-looking and most professional tanning tents on the market. There is also a spare parts kit included to ensure that quick repairs can be carried out. So this means less ‘down time’ in the salon.

This is a powerful unit, with a quiet motor to ensure that the user is still able to communicate with the outside world during usage.

The nozzle of the Maxi-Mist has been specially designed by German engineers to minimize the amount of spray ‘spilled’ during usage. So this will help to cut down on salon expenditure as there will be a lower need to continue to replace the tanning solution.

We Love
  • Can be used with multiple tanning solutions
  • Incredibly portable
  • The kit is exceedingly ‘well-built’. Includes everything required to start tanning.
We Don't Love
  • Can only be used a maximum of ten times per day, or sixty times per week.

5. Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless HVLP

elloccio Premium T75

This tanning machine is a bit on the cheaper side of things. Which means that it is not going to be ideal for those who are regularly tanning. So it has been built more to carry out a tan a couple of times per year at the most.

The hose is incredibly flexible. Which makes self-application of the tanning solution a breeze. So everything required to carry out a tan is included in the box. And with more tanning solution available at a cheap price.

We Love
  • Affordable.
  • Built for use ‘at home’.
  • Comes with a two year warranty.
We Don't Love
  • It is on the heavy side, weighing it at 15lbs.

6. St. Tropez Pro Light Spray Tan

St. Tropez Pro Light

Well, this offering from St. Tropez is a little different to the other spray tan units on the list. This is because it is a completely handheld unit. While it would be ideal to purchase an additional tent to carry out the tanning, it is not a necessity.

So the St. Tropez spray tanning machine is simple to use. It is handheld which makes it very portable. So just lift it up, point it towards the person receiving the spray tan and it should be fine. The simplicity means that it can even be used in the comfort of a home (outside if no tent plans to be used).

Special technology included in the spray tanner ensures a smooth finish each and every time. So you can fill very special. Because it is really special tanning machine.

We Love
  • Perfect for those who are tanning at home.
  • Highly portable.
  • Perfect finish when used right.
We Don't Love
  • Not ideal for salon users. May need something ‘bigger’.

7. MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System

MaxiMist Allure Xena

This is similar to the Maxi Mist product found previously, although it is not in kit form here. There is no included tent, and the spray tanning machine looks a touch more stylish.

With the Maxi Mist Allure Xena, there is no need to worry about the nozzle getting clogged. A special teflon coating can be found inside which ensures that spray tanning solution does not get stuck in it. The air will continue to blow it out.

The user will have full control over the fineness of the spray mist, which guarantees the perfect coat each and every time.

We Love
  • Quiet. Less than 12 Db.
  • Highly portable.
  • Perfect finish every time.
We Don't Love
  • Will need to purchase a spray tanning tent which adds extra cost.

8. Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit

Black Fascination FX

The Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit, with its jet black finish, is the perfect option for salons which are aiming for a slightly more modern finish.

There are several features in the Black Fascination which ensure that it has been built to last. Perhaps one of the more prominent is the way in which the air is taken into the unit. The air flows in from the back which minimizes the risk of over spraying.

In addition to this, there is a metal applicator needle as opposed to a plastic one, the latter of which will be far more prone to wear and tear. This guarantees that the Black Fascination lasts longer.

We Love
  • Built to last.
  • Quiet operation, perfect for those who need to communicate with their customers.
  • Sleek black finish.
  • Easy to get repaired.
We Don't Love
  • Maybe not great for regular operation. Ten times a day, max.

9. Spray Tan Tent | Airbrush Booth Privacy Tent | Pop Up Tent | Instant Tent For Air Brush Tanning Or Any Sunless Tanner By Sun Labs

Spray Tan Tent

This is the cheapest spray tan tent on this list, but that does not mean it is of a low quality. The main reason why this unit comes in at a slightly lower price is because it is smaller. It is not something which has been built for regular use. It can be thought of as a quality home spray tanning machine.

This unit has been designed from the ground up to give the home user the perfect machine to use when they need a quick spray tan. It is small, which makes it easy to store. Everything required to carry out the perfect tan can be found right there in the box, however.

This is a unit designed for those who have never spray tanned before, with all information required about getting the perfect tan included in the box.

We Love
  • Perfect for home users.
  • Lightweight and small, makes it easy to store.
We Don't Love
  • Only tent included in the box.

10. Black Venus Spray Tanning Machines

Black Venus

Black Venus spray tanning machines are known for their incredibly high quality. This means that they would make the perfect spray tanning machines for use around the home or in a professional setting.

This spray tanning machine assumes that a person has the necessary kit for carrying out a spray tan already. If not, then an additional tent needs to be purchased.

There are several nozzles included in the kit for the best spray tan. There is both a horizontal and vertical applicator, although the Black Venus includes something not often found in some of the cheaper spray tan machines on the market; a round applicator for slightly different patterns.

We Love
  • Highly portable.
  • Robustly built ensures it is perfect for several different settings.
  • Quick and easy to use.
We Don't Love
  • Will need to purchase an additional spray tanning tent.

Buying Guide

It can be difficult to purchase a quality spray tan machine. There are several different options on the market. This means that it is ideal to go in with a solid idea about what is available and what needs to be thought about.

Professional or Home Use?

The first consideration should be whether the unit is being purchased for home use or not. If it is for home use, then it is unlikely that somebody would require a high ‘set up’. There may be no need for the tanning tent and the like, unless there is somewhere to store it. A small portable machine that can be used in the bathroom should be more than enough.

If professional use is the aim, perhaps in a salon or as a ‘traveling beautician’ then a product which has been built to last needs to be purchased. This means something that is able to be used multiple times per day. Many of the home tanning machines on the market have been designed to be used a couple of times per month at the most, whereas the professional units have been designed to be used upwards of ten times per day, which means they are going to last a lot longer.

So its really important to make your decision final that which one is perfect for you between professional vs home spray tan machine.

Included Tools

In an ideal world, everything required to carry out the spray tan will be included ‘in the box’. This means all the nozzles, the tent, and maybe some tanning solution. It is better to have everything included as a set to ensure that it is compatible. And it is not really going to be a huge issue if the purchase is of a big brand, which is highly recommended to ensure that spare parts are always available.

Don’t forget! It is important that the tanning machine is able to cope with different tanning solutions. The worst products on the market are those which are only able to use tanning solutions from the brand that built it. These can get incredibly costly to use and are best avoided. All the tanning machines found on this page are compatible with tanning solutions from any vendor, which makes them cheap to use, even if the upfront cost is going to be a little higher.


A good tanning machine needs a lot of power behind it. Many people do not realize this. Power ensures that the mist is going to come out evenly. Tanning machines which are slightly under powered will put out the tanning solution in irregular intervals. It is not going to be noticeable during use, but when the completed tan is inspected at the end, it will be highly noticeable that the tan is a little on the uneven side, which is never going to be a good thing.

While the ideal spray tan machine should have a lot of power, it should also be quiet, particularly if it is going to be used in a salon environment. There are some incredibly loud machines on the market which can be difficult to talk over, and that is the last thing somebody needs while they are in a closed and confined space. The best professional spray tan machine will be one that can barely be heard while it is in operation.


Chances are that the spray tan machine is not going to be used all the time. This means that it needs to be easy to store when not in use. The best machines will be ones that ‘fold up’ into themselves, which will keep all the accessories together.

Since many of the people who are using spray tan machines will be traveling beauticians, the machine needs to be of a very light weight. In an ideal world, the best tanning machines would weigh roughly 5lbs. It would be incredibly difficult to find something that is lighter than this due to the motor inside. These are still going to be easy to carry around, even with tons of gear.

Build Quality

It is important that the selected machine has been ‘built to last’. This means that it can be used for long periods of time. As mentioned previously; professional tanners have been built to last. The best purchases will be from the larger tanning companies out there.

This is because they will provide better support for their products if something goes wrong. It would also be easy to buy spares without waiting for the company to send something through the mail to repair the machine.

Best Brands of Home Spray Tan Machines

There are many brands in the market of tan machines. But if you wants to get the good tanning machine, you must go with a perfect brand. Here are writing about some top class brands you may check.

Maxi Mist

Maxi Mist spray tanning machines have been built with the finest of German engineering in mind. This ensures a solid build, while at the same time boasting a plethora of different features which ensure that the kit is quick and simple to use.

Maxi Mist Spray Tanning machines are known for their features which help to reduce wastage while carrying out a spray tan, something which is incredibly important for salon owners.

Maxi Mist products are fantastic for both at-home use, as well as use in a salon. These are pieces which have been ‘built to last’.

St. Tropez

For the ultimate in portability, there is nothing better than a spray tanning machine from St. Tropez. These are very lightweight, which makes them easy to carry about. This ensures that they are perfect for mobile salon owners, although the lightness means that they could also be used by those carry out a tan in the comfort of their own home.

Sun Laboratories

Sun Laboratories machines have been specially constructed for those who want something light and portable to use in the their home. They are also ideal for those who may own a beauty business but do not see spray tanning as a focal point.

Sun Laboratories spray tanners come in at an incredibly low price point, far lower than their build quality would suggested. These machines are going to last years.

Home Spray Tan Machine FAQs

Well, here are some common questions including answers. If you still confused about a spray tan machine, you can make your decision final from here. So let’s go.

1. Is a spray tan tent always required?

Answer: Generally speaking, yes. It helps to ensure that the spray tan is applied evenly. It also helps the area from being coated in tanning solution.

2. Can any tanning solution be used in these products?

Answer: In most cases, yes. It is always advised to read the information on the product, though. Any tanning solution should be able to be used in all the products highlighted on this page of spray tan machine reviews.

3. Why should tanning machines from reputable brands be purchased?

Answer: There are a lot of low-quality spray tanning machines on the market. It is advised to always go with reputable brands so if something does go wrong, issues can be dealt with quickly.

4. What are the differences between professional and home tanning machines?

Answer: Professional tan machines have been designed to stay on for longer periods of time. Home tanning machines are rated for a couple of uses each month.

5. Can a home unit be purchased for professional use?

Answer: It is not advised. The warranty will not cover any damage if a cheaper home unit is used in a professional environment.

Final Verdict of Home Spray Tan Reviews

This is an up to date list of the best home spray tan products on the market right now. These top spray tan machine reviews will be kept up to date by the editor whenever a new and better product is launched. Nobody would be disappointed with any of the products on this list.

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