Best Staple Gun for Small Hands 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Why are you looking best staple gun for small hands?

Best Staple Gun for Small Hands is a special product. So don’t make any purchase without a perfect guideline.

The staple gun is actually a portable device, which lets the user staple many things other than only paper. That is to say that the staples drive into various surfaces, for instance, plastic, wood, etc. Most importantly, they come in handy for numerous projects or to append different materials.

Opting for the perfect staple gun for small hands is extremely important to bring about particular tasks efficiently. In other words, completing a job without coming across any issues while using a staple gun. Therefore, we have created this list, so the user makes an informed decision. Let’s have a glance at the best staple gun for small hands.

Best Staple Gun for Small Hands 2021

Benefits of Staple Gun for Small Hands

The good staple gun for small hands proves to be beneficial when the user needs to attach strong and solid material. Further, the product comes with various benefits, for instance:

  • It provides the user with the capability to complete household and office errands. Because it helps in binding the documents as well as seal boxes of cardboard. In addition, the user can make easy repairs in the house using a staple gun.
  • A staple gun is light in weight and safe to use. In other words, users do not get hurt using it unless they do not handle it properly.
  • The staple gun for small hands come in various sizes and shapes and with great adaptability.
  • It is affordable and cost-effective. With an inexpensive price range, the user gets the finest tool to finish the heavy stapling tasks.

Top 3 Staple Gun for Small Hands Reviews

Every staple gun differs in its capacity and convenience level. As a result, we have selected the 3 best staple gun for small hands followed by their reviews. The selected 3 staple guns contain high-quality material to fulfill the user’s needs. Here they are.

01. Könnig Heavy Duty Staple Gun 3 in 1

Könnig Heavy Duty

Könnig staple gun for small hands made into this list because it is versatile. To clarify, this gun fires U-shaped and standard staples that are perfect for small household chores and furniture upholstery.

The stapler contains a rubber handle making it convenient to use. Its construction is durable because of all-steel and chrome-plated touch that makes it work on almost anything.

Above all, refilling this stapler is quite easy. Also, there is a reload indicator, which gives a signal when there are not enough staples left.

Likewise, the stapler contains 1500 fasteners, which includes 500 standard, 500 brads along with 500 U-formed staples.

We Love
  • Long-lasting built
  • Works with both staples and brads
  • Contains fasteners
We Don't Love
  • May leaves marks on the hands after a long use.

Könnig is perfect for those who look for a no-frill stapler that helps in getting their job done.

02. WORKPRO Heavy-Duty Staple Gun Kit

WORKPRO Heavy-Duty

Workpro heavy-duty staple gun is strong and tough with enough power that pushes the principles in every sort of wood without causing any issues. Certainly, its design is ideal for basics that start from ¾ inches to 2 inches long along with the moderate crown.

The staple gun is light in weight and comes with an in-built battery. Moreover, the user is capable of penetrating thickness in order to get a high-end result. The battery of Workpro lasts for about 2,400 principles. On the other hand, the bigger battery lasts almost twice.

We Love
  • Great value product
  • Light in weight
  • Well-construction
  • Various options of staples along with brads
  • 2 battery settings
We Don't Love
  • It may stop working sometimes

Workpro supplies the best alternative for all heavy-duty cordless staple gun that meets the user’s requirements.

03. KeLDE Light Stapler Tacker fit JT21 Staples – Hand Staple Gun Kit

KeLDE Light Stapler Tacker fit JT21

KeLDE light heavy-duty stapler is, most importantly, a must-have tool. That is to say that it works the best for small household projects and even repairs because of it being light in weight and portable.

Its material is dual including rubber grip along with corrugated handles. Consequently, the force on the arm applies to the object in a better way.

To sum up, it shoots JT21 staples that are perfect for hanging Christmas twinkling light and reattaching the carpet. In the same vein, it works properly on upholstering the chairs, woodworking, home repairing, joining something together, or any other DIY tasks.

We Love
  • Strong and useful for small hands
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • Affordable
We Don't Love
  • Difficult to use
  • Loading the staples is quite hard

Nice, sturdy, great price, and what else. This product has it all and therefore, it made into our list of the staple gun for small hands.

Buying Guide: Staple Gun fo Small Hands

So you have gone through our reviews about the staple gun. However, now it is time to know it all about the features and characteristics required while buying a staple gun. Let’s check out the points you need to take into consideration.


Certainly, this is the most important factor while looking for staple guns. For the reason that they come in an assortment of forms and sizes. Firstly, the user must locate the product that provides the utmost comfort. Secondly, those individuals who need to use a staple gun on a regular basis do require to own a comfortable gun.

Thirdly, and most importantly, a staple gun, having an ergonomic design and rubber grips tends to be a lot more balanced. To clarify, they do not give rise to fatigue or problems.

The Size of the Staple

The size a user needs relies upon the material type of the staple. For instance, if a user wants a manual gun that shoots ½ inches staples. As a result, they may need a small size staple gun. On the other hand, electric or pneumatic guns come with dials to change the staple size, so it is easier to use them.

In conclusion, many staples have a control option to allow the user to change the size of the staple. Consequently, the user does not experience any damage to the material they are working on.

Easy to Utilize

As we mentioned earlier that comfort is extremely important while purchasing the best staple gun for small hands. Similarly, easy utilization also has an influence on the grip of the staple.

In addition, ease of utilization also includes the weight because the higher the weight, the difficult it will be to handle and use the staple gun. So opt for a lighter version that is easy to manage as well. Further, handling the heavier version tends to cause fatigue in hands if used for a long time.

Likewise, users would like to look for guns with enough space over the handle to hold it with both hands.


Meanwhile, this is a crucial factor because no one wants to have a broken staple gun after just a few uses. Therefore, the products mentioned in this article, are of top-quality, highly durable, and provide satisfaction to the users.

To make sure, you get the high-quality product, check the material type of the product along with the warranty offered by the brand. Durability is of great importance for individuals looking to use it for heavy-duty projects.

Nail-depth Adjusting

For users who are DIY freaks, the capability to adjust the nail-depth of the staple gun is quite essential. Most importantly, when one is dealing with jobs like upholstering, nail-depth adjusting can be either successful or completely disastrous.

In short, uneven adjustment can cause the wood to break and may damage the material, the user works on. Therefore, opt for the product that provides adjustment facilities.

Capacity of Staples

The capacity of staple explains the effectiveness of the staple guns. It is a capability to run the staples together but in no time. As a result, choose the staple gun with great efficiency and capacity of loading staples.

Quality of the Build

The quality of the staple gun defines its lifespan along with performance. The Staple gun consists of various parts that operate jointly to provide effortless results. The parts help in punching the staples out powerfully and accurately.

Therefore, it is not a good decision to compromise on quality. Since it has the power to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the completed task.


Staple guns offer a warranty to boost the satisfaction level. For instance, in any case, the user finds the gun not working properly or malfunctioning, the producer of the gun can repair or even replace it. Consequently, warranty adds a lot of value to the investment of your product.

Best Brands of Staple Gun for Small Hands

It is not always easy to find out the finest product for the users. Consequently, we had to spend hours researching and coming up with the best brands that produce the staple gun for small hands.

Here are the two best brands that have made their mark in the industry.

1. Workpro

Workpro being in the industry is known for creating flexible products including staple guns as well. Above all, the reason we think it is one of the best brands of staple guns is because its products fire nails, standard, and brads in accordance with the user’s needs.

Workpro’s tool comes in handy for entire carpentry work. On the other hand, there are numerous added applications to locate staples guns’ use.

Overall, the instruments made and introduced by Workpro are enjoyable and amazingly easy to use. As a result, it made into the top 2 brands list.

2. KeLDE

KeLDE provides a wide range of assortment in all sizes and shapes for their users. The staple guns manufactured by KeLDE have various uses and applications.

Moreover, the products it makes are comfortable to handle as well. Most importantly, talking about the best staple guns, KeLDE offers 100% quality assurance with 12 months of warranty.

Not only that, the composition of KeLDE’s product is in such a way that people can store them without taking a lot of space. Also, it makes easier to keep the product away from the reach of children.

KeLDE has a lot to offer with its thoughtful products, this is the reason, it is one of the top 2 brands of staple guns.

Staple Gun for Small Hands FAQs

Now that you know all about staple guns, you are ready to get one for yourself. However, do not worry if there is something still not clear. To clarify it all, here are the most frequently asked questions regarding the staple gun.

Q1. How should one store the staple gun?

There is no need to worry about storing staple guns because they are the same as other mechanical tools. Therefore, storing it away from moisture and dust along with keeping it away from children.

Q2. Why should one store the staple gun properly?

The efficiency and productivity of the tools including staple guns increase when the user keeps them well-organized and within reach. So keep this along with other tools in a safe area.

Q3. Should one use the staple gun on concrete?

Even the most powerful staple guns are not useful to staple on concrete. On the other hand, users can use it on furniture building, framing the cabinets, sheathing, and other jobs likewise.

Q4. Should one use the staple gun on metal?

Of course. The users can use staple guns to staple steel roofing, panel, and fence. But due to its density, stapling metal items need the utilization of a strong and powerful gun.

Final Verdict

With extensive research and positive reviews, we have decided that the best staple gun for small hands is KeLDE. Because it has 20 years of experience in the development and specialization of design and production of the tools.

Not only that but its R&D team develops new products each year to follow the trends in the market, but most importantly, to meet the requirements of the customers.

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