Best Tool Chest Under $1000 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Read this best tool chest under $1000 article to safe your tools.

If you’re a mechanic enthusiast, surely your tools are special to you. Therefore, you should try to keep them safe to prevent someone from taking them away. And it there’s nothing more annoying than needing a tool and not find it anywhere.

Things like this happen every day in mechanical workshops, where workers often take their coworkers’ tools without permission. Some have the bad habit of taking them home and never returning them.

If something like this happens to you all the time, it’s time to buy a safe, sturdy, and thief-proof tool chest. Here’s a guide to choose the best tool chest workbench in 2021.

Best Tool Chest Under $1000 2021

Top 10 Tool Chest Under $1000 Reviews

Here are top 10 products reviewed that we have selected after researching various features. So you can rely on these tool chest.

01. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox

Craftsman 3-Drawer

Ideal to complement your new Craftsman tool chest combo. It provides high strength, security and sufficient storage volume. In addition, it supports more weight than other similar models.

If you don’t have too many tools, Craftsman 3-Drawer Chest Toolbox is perfect for keeping them intact and safe. Each drawer can hold up to 75 lbs. In total this small tool safe can support up to 600 lbs in just 1830 cubic inches.

Its ball-bearing drawers move smoothly with minimal effort. And in addition, each drawer is firmly attached to the steel case, preventing it from falling to the ground in case of pulling too hard.

Its steel structure and safe lock system will make things difficult even for the most experienced tool thief. In addition, its surface is resistant to scratches and deformation.

We Love
  • Highly resistant and durable.
  • Compact and easy to store.
  • Each element comes completely assembled.
We Don't Love
  • It has no wheels.
  • Difficult to move at maximum capacity.

02. Stanley 037025H 50-gal Mobile Chest

Stanley 037025H

Lightweight, spacious and resistant to external agents. This mobile chest from Stanley can store many tools and move them effortlessly. Without a doubt, a mandatory product in every best rolling tool chest reviews on the Internet.

Stanley 037025H 50-gal Mobile Chestis the big star among the plastic toolboxes. Its rubber wheels provide maximum grip for a smooth ride on any surface.

Its 11550 cubic inches of capacity are more than enough to store large, medium and small tools. Even several small toolboxes would fit there without problems.

Its plastic case is highly resistant to heat and moisture. In coastal environments, it’s excellent for protecting tools from corrosion produced by the sea breeze.

We Love
  • Protects tools from external agents.
  • Easy maneuverability at maximum capacity.
  • Wide enough to store several large tools.
We Don't Love
  • Not quite safe.
  • Little fire strength.

03. Husky 25-inch Cantilever Mobile Job Box

Husky 25-inch

With 18 large compartments, Husky 25-inch Cantilever Mobile Job Box allows you to organize your tools and small parts by type and size.

If you aren’t very tidy when storing your tools, this product will surely help you break that bad habit. For this reason it isn’t coincidence to find this one among top positions of any husky tool chest review.

Husky 25-inch Cantilever Mobile Job Box has 3465 cubic inches of capacity to provide order and comfort from its base to the top. This one is spacious and convenient compartments can store items of different sizes.

Its 8 rubber-coated wheels allow smooth maneuverability. It’s designed to work with a padlock to provide maximum security.

We Love
  • Wide and light.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • 18 Different storage compartments.
We Don't Love
  • It depends on a padlock to provide security.
  • Not very resistant to fire.

04. Händewerk Portable Top Chest Toolbox Organizer

Händewerk Portable

Resistant, practical and versatile. Händewerk Portable Top Chest Toolbox Organizer looks like a heavy steel case, but it’s fully detachable for easy handling.

Händewerk Portable Top Chest Toolbox Organizer is the best tool chest under $200. Resistant to strong impacts, scratches and deformation. Provided with locks and keys to give maximum security.

The complete system detaches in two different boxes for independent uses. Their drawers and trays use absorbent foam to protect tools from spilled liquids.

Its 4 omni-directional wheels guarantee easy movement in any direction. Händewerk 2-pcs Rolling Toolbox Organizer is ideal for storing medium and small tools.

We Love
  • Multiple drawers and trays for better organization.
  • Easy to manipulate and move.
  • Highly durable and resistant.
We Don't Love
  • Too small considering its price.
  • Detachable upper box difficult to move when loaded at maximum capacity.

05. Craftsman 26-inch 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Top Chest Box

Craftsman 26-inch

A portable toolbox for a small collection of tools. Craftsman 26-inch 6 Drawer Chest Box stands for quality and durability.

Craftsman 26-inch 6 Drawer Chest Box offers the same features as its cheaper counterpart with 3 drawers. Its 6 drawers of different volume allow storing small tools in the bottom and small parts in the top.

Fully made of steel and with its own locking system keeps your tools protected all the time. Its top storage area is ideal for storing larger tools.

Each of its drawers can support up to 75 lbs of weight. Ideal for storing very heavy tools. Ball bearings allow smooth movement in each of its 6 drawers.

We Love
  • Durable and resistant.
  • Quite safe.
  • Compact and easy to store.
We Don't Love
  • It has no wheels.
  • Difficult to move when loaded at full capacity.

06. Waterloo W300 Series 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet

Waterloo W300 Series

Waterloo W300 Series 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet is an elegant and resistant option suitable for professionals. Provides optimal storage in a compact volume.

Waterloo W300 Series 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet is stable, strong and striking. It’s almost like having luxury furniture in your workshop or garage. So its 4 drawers use ball bearings for smooth movement. Each coated with absorbent foam.

Each drawer can support up to 85 lbs. Waterloo W300 Series 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet can support a max load of 650 lbs and easily move it around with its four wheels.

Designed to withstand great efforts, Waterloo W300 Series 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet can also serve as a worktable. It also has integrated locks to protect your valuable tools.

We Love
  • Durable and resistant.
  • Easy handling and displacement.
  • Quite safe.
We Don't Love
  • Very heavy, even without load.
  • Reported models with defective bearings.

07. Extreme Tools Ex Standard Series 26-inch 7-Drawer Top Chest

Extreme Tools Ex

Larger than similar models, this product offers extra space for more tools. Its 7 drawers are more than enough for your personal collection of tools.

With 7 drawers with a maximum capacity of 75 lbs each, Extreme Tools Ex Standard Series 7-Drawer Top Chest is the perfect choice for medium-sized tool collections.

Ball bearings around each drawer allow easy movement. Its structure completely made of steel guarantees high strength to impacts and high temperatures.

Provided with lock and key system for maximum security. It’s also compact for easy and discreet storage. So it can support a maximum weight of 1200 lbs. Without a doubt one of the best tool chest under $500.

We Love
  • Durable and resistant.
  • 7 Drawers for more storage.
  • Quite safe.
We Don't Love
  • It has no wheels.
  • Difficult to move when loaded at maximum capacity.

08. Waterloo W300 Series 7-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet

Waterloo W300 Series

Provided with a hard wood butcher block, Waterloo W300 Series 7-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet allows you to store and organize more tools than its counterpart with 4 drawers.

Its butcher block top is a sturdy and stable work surface. Recommended for heavy duties, Waterloo W300 Series 7-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet gives the perfect balance between price and quality.

Each drawer supports a maximum load of 85 lbs. With 4 wheels for optimal movement on flat surfaces. Ideal for storing large collections of tools. With more storage volume for larger tools.

Manufactured with steel sheet, guarantees maximum strength and safety. It also has its own system of keys and locks.

We Love
  • Stable, durable and resistant.
  • Easy to handle and move.
  • It resists more load than similar size models.
We Don't Love
  • Too heavy, even without load.
  • Reported models with defective bearings.

09. Jobox 48-inch Heavy-Duty Steel Chest

Jobox 48-inch

When safety is your biggest concern, Jobox 48-inch Heavy-Duty Steel Chest is the best solution. With this product nobody will dare to try to steal your tools again.

With 3 lock points made of high strength steel, Jobox 48-inch Heavy-Duty Steel Chest is as sturdy as a safe. 3/8-Inch hinges made of 14-gauge steel, a ¼-inch continuous pin and 1-inch knuckles. These features guarantee maximum thief-proof security.

Ideal for storing very heavy and valuable tools. Its heavy structure lacks wheels, to prevent someone from taking your tools with your chest. Able to withstand heavy loads placed on top.

The chest has four perforated brackets for additional wheels installation. Its structure is specially designed to work with a forklift.

We Love
  • Maximum security.
  • High strength.
  • Maximum durability.
We Don't Love
  • Needs a forklift to move at full capacity.
  • It has no wheels.

10. Homak H2PRO 41-inch 9-Drawer Top Tool Chest

Homak H2PRO

Reinforced walls, luxury finishes and gas struts for easy handling. Homak H2PRO 41-inch 9-Drawer Top Tool Chest has all that and much more.

This product takes the concept of storage and order to a whole new level, with its 9 different drawers. Each one provided with ball bearings for smooth movement. 7 Drawers can support a maximum weight of 100 lbs. The other 2 can support up to 200 lbs.

Homak H2PRO 41-inch 9-Drawer Top Tool Chest doesn’t need padlock, because it has its own tubular lock system. Unlike other models, this product includes gas struts on the upper door for easy handling.

For maximum strength to external agents, Homak H2PRO 41-inch 9-Drawer Top Tool Chest uses an epoxy-polyester material.

We Love
  • Maximum strength to external agents.
  • Durable and resistant.
  • Gas struts for better handling.
We Don't Love
  • It has no wheels.
  • Hard to move when fully loaded.

Tool Chest Under $1000 Buying Guide

There are hundreds of poor quality tool chests at very high prices in the market. Many times a striking appearance can convince us to take home something we don’t even need.

However, besides the price, there are many other factors that will help you make the right decision. The quality of a product not only depends on the brand or the price. It also depends on the strength of its materials and performance under certain conditions.

Here’s a list of factors you should consider before buying a tool chest:


Today, tool chests exist in a wide variety of materials, the most popular being:

  • Plastic
  • Steel

Plastic tool chest are lightweight, economical and resistant to natural elements. They are best for humid and coastal environments, where corrosion is common. Some plastics are resistant to acids, commonly used in industries and workshops.

However, plastic tool chests aren’t fire resistant. Therefore, in case of fire, your tools are vulnerable.

Also, plastic tool chests can be easily broken with great efforts. This makes them particularly vulnerable in case of theft. A thief would only need to break or melt the case to get to the tools. If your tools are too valuable and in danger, never store them in plastic tool chests.

Steel tool chests are a stronger, more durable and safer option to protect your tools. Depending on the caliber of the steel, some models may be safer than others.

Steel is fire resistant and when treated with special coatings such its look cool. Such as polymers or epoxies, it has excellent performance in the presence of corrosive substances and external agents.

However, the greater the volume of steel, the greater the weight. Safer models tend to be the most difficult to move.


In the case of steel tool chests, the gauge will tell you how resistant the product is. Always remember this golden rule: “The smaller the caliber, the greater the thickness and strength.

For any tool chest, a 1mm thickness of steel is more than enough. For high-security tool chests, thicknesses greater than or equal to 2mm are appropriate.

Maximum Permissible Load

Each tool chest can support a certain maximum load. If you’re looking to store all your tools in one place, make sure the total weight isn’t too much.

Plastic models can’t withstand too much weight. If you don’t want to damage your tool chest due to excessive weight, it’s recommended that you opt for steel models. In these cases, if you exceed the maximum load, the case could deform.

Own Weight

Usually, plastic tool chests are lightweight without load. The greatest weight contribution comes from the tools and other parts contained within.

However, steel models tend to be heavier and in certain cases, impossible to move without heavy machinery. For example, a very large model, such as a 52 tool chest combo can exceed 100 kilos.

Many heavy models don’t include wheels, which can complicate handling and transport. If you need to move your tools constantly, make sure you choose lightweight, sturdy and wheeled models.

Storage Volume

So if you have large tools, you need more storage. The smallest tool chests can only store small items, such as screwdrivers, tweezers, screws and so on.

However, power tools need more storage. If you’re going to make a purchase online, be sure to check the product specifications, including dimensions.

Some products tend to look bigger in the photos, but in real life they are smaller than you think.


Security is the main reason why people buy tool chests. Either to protect your tools from the effects of the environment or thieves.

If you want the safest tool chest, you’ll need to invest extra money. Safer models have their own lock and key systems to provide security. It’s convenient to check the quality of the hinges and pins.

The larger the size and thickness of the hinge, the harder it will be to break. And the same goes for the pin. The larger the diameter, the better. So the amount of hinges and locks also influences security. The more security elements there are, the safer the tool chest is.

Handling and Mobility

For some work, you need to carry your tools with you at all times. Mechanics, electricians and plumbers. They all have something in common: they need to keep their tools close while they work.

If that’s your case, a small model is all you need. If you have already been a victim of theft, choose a sufficiently safe steel tool chest. However, make sure it’ isn’t too heavy, especially if it doesn’t have wheels.

If you need to move too many tools at the same time, you should opt for models with large and sturdy wheels. Too small wheels don’t work well on all surfaces. For example, they tend to get stuck in mud and grass.

Choose models with anti-slip handles to avoid accidents. Some foam covers have absorbent pores, especially useful in case of sweaty hands.


The aesthetics of a product can push us to buy it, whether we need it or not. However, it isn’t always convenient to be convinced by appearances.

Not always the most striking or best designed model is the best for you. For heavy duties, aesthetics is useless. Paint could be ruined and impacts could spoil the surface.

On the other hand, if you intend to give your tool chest a more decorative than functional use, then you can choose the most aesthetic one.

Manufacturer Brand

On the Internet there are hundreds of different brands and models. Basing your decisions only on technical aspects isn’t the wisest decision.

Some brands promise high strength, durability and excellent performance in all types of conditions. However, what they say isn’t always true. Other brands don’t give a guarantee of return in case of defects.

The most famous brands offer guarantees and most of the time their products meet the requirements of each client.

If you’re thinking of buying a tool chest of a certain brand, it’s convenient to take a look at each best tool chest review on the Internet. There you’ll find various opinions that will help you evaluate the quality of each one.


Once you know what you really want, it’s time to evaluate how much you’re willing to pay. If you don’t have too much money, you can’t be too demanding.

The more useful features a certain product has, the more expensive it is. Therefore, if your budget is low, settle for only the necessary features.

Paying more than $1000 for a tool chest could be too much. Especially if you don’t require a large size or too much security. If your main objective is to protect your tools from external agents, you don’t need the most expensive model.

Once you know the amount of money you’ll spend it’s time to search the Internet. Some shopping pages allow you to filter the search results according to the price of the product. Then, check out the options below $1000.

Choose the tool chest that best suits all your requirements.

If you take these tips into account and ask the right questions, you can find the model that meets all your requirements for less than $1000. It’s true that finding a good tool chest at a moderate price can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible.

You’ll surprise to discover so many different options on the Internet at incredibly low prices. Don’t wait any longer and start your own investigation, knowing first what you need.

Best Brands of Tool Chest Under $1000

In current market there are many different brands. Some well known and others not so much. However, we all usually ask ourselves the same question: Which brand is the best? Giving an answer isn’t that simple, especially with so many good brands.

However, there are 3 brands that currently produce the best-selling tool chests in the world. These are:

  • Craftsman
  • Stanley
  • Husky

These brands are famous for the high quality and excellent performance of their products. If you don’t want to make mistakes, choose one of them. However, the main purpose of this review isn’t to convince you to buy a specific model.

The real purpose is to teach you to contrast the quality of various products, to determine which one is better and why. If you want to see for yourself which is the best brand of all, you can check out the comments from users on the internet.

The more sales and positive responses have a certain product, less doubt about its quality.

Tool Chest Under $1000 FAQS

If you aren’t an expert choosing tool chests, don’t worry. Perhaps many doubts are circling in your mind right now. To help you make the right choice, here’s a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q1. Which material best protects the tools?

Answer: It’s relative. Against moisture, chemicals and corrosion, plastic is better. On the other hand, against great efforts, fire and theft, steel is better.

Q2. How to know if a tool chest is safe against theft?

Answer: Check the quality of locks, hinges and pins. The greater the thickness and diameter of the steel elements, the safer it is.

Q3. Do I need wheels on my tool chest?

Answer: If you need to carry your tools with you all the time, you’ll probably need them.

Q4. How big should be my tool chest?

Answer: Enough so that your tools can get inside. The bigger and heavier the tools, the bigger and stronger the chest should be.

Q5. How to find cheap tool chests on the Internet?

Answer: Visit several shopping websites and on the search filter indicate the maximum price you’re willing to pay. Then analyze the pros and cons of each option and choose the most suitable for you.


It’s important to know everything about tool chests to make the best decision before buying one. Try to always choose a model that offers high quality, strength and good performance at the lowest price.

The brand always influences the final quality of the product. So next time you buy a tool chest, don’t risk choosing brands that nobody knows.

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