Best Window Cleaner No Streaks 2021 – Buying Guide

best window cleaner no streaks

Window is an important part of a home. 1ight? So its also important to clean windows. But how you do that?

The best way to clean windows without streaks is to purchase a window cleaner made specifically for that purpose.

There are a lot of different window cleaners on the market.

But unfortunately a lot of the cheaper products will leave a smudge. Which really negates the whole purpose of cleaning windows in the first place.

Best Window Cleaner No Streaks 2021

Top 7 Window Cleaner No Streaks Reviews

On this page are seven of the best window cleaner no streaks products. All of these can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. They have been selected based on their affordability and the quality of clean that they leave behind. This page will be continually updated with the best products on the market.

1. Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaners – Top Pick

As with many of the no streak window cleaner products found on this page, this Puracy Natural All-Purpose cleaner is not just for windows. In fact, it can be used on any surface in the home. It is completely streak free no matter what surface it is used on.

This is not going to be a product for major cleaning of windows. It is mainly used for cleaning up smudges on the windows and the like. For example; a small fingerprint. If this was being used to clean windows constantly from top to tail, then it is likely that it would end up being incredibly expensive.

This cleaner has a lovely lemony scent to it. This means that the area which is cleaned genuinely does smell ‘clean’.

We Love
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Smells lovely
  • Ideal to keep around the home (small bottle)
We Don't Love
  • Can be a bit expensive.

2. Zep Streak Free Glass Cleaner – Maximum Usable Glass Cleaner

This is a professional best window cleaning solution streak free windows products, which has been built especially for windows. While a person could feasibly clean anything in the house with any cleaning solution, the way in which this one has been formulated will ensure a streak-free finish time and time again.

This is a 10 gallon concentrate. While it is going to be a bit more expensive than other cleaning products, it is going to last a lot longer. In fact, in the window cleaning business, there is no reason why this size of bottle would not last a week or two, even if tons and tons of windows are being cleaned. This means that it is ideal for those that have a lot of cleaning to do, or maybe just want to buy ‘in bulk’ to save some cash in the long run.

There is a special bottle that can be bought for this. It is just a spray bottle, which shows that not a lot of this streak free window cleaner really needs to be applied to the glass for it to be cleaned properly. A quick best window cleaner spray is all it takes to remove some of the biggest and baddest of stains.

We Love
  • Streak free
  • Lots of cleaner
  • Don’t need much to clean anything
We Don't Love
  • Doesn’t have a ‘clean smell’ to it. No scent at all, in fact.

3. Rejuvenate Outdoor Window Spray – Best Outdoor Window Cleaners

This product is a little bit different to the other window cleaner no streaks solutions on this list. This is because it has not really been ‘built’ to be used indoors. It can be used indoors, but since a hose is required, it is probably not the safest thing in the world to do.

In order to use this cleaning solution, a hose will need to be attached to the bottle. As the hose water is forced through the bottle, the cleaning solution will be ‘pulled up’ out of it and sprayed onto the window.

It is perfect for those people who need to remove a lot of built-up grime on the outside of their home. It is not something that is going to be used all the time for cleaning windows, but it is one of the most effective methods for getting rid of thick grime in next-to-no time at all.

We Love
  • Very effective
  • Easy to use
  • Best outdoor cleaning solutions
We Don't Love
  • Can only be used outdoors

4. Windex Glass Cleaner Trigger Bottle – Cheap Window Cleaners

Obviously, Windex is one of the most popular brands in the United States, and there is a good reason for this too. It works.

Windex is a cheaper window cleaner no streaks, and it is probably not going to be the most effective product on this list. It is a glass designer designed, mostly, for those who do not have a lot of grime that needs to be removed and want an ‘occasional clean’. Yes, it is fantastic for homeowners who may be giving their windows a clean on a weekly basis. It won’t cost too much money for that. However, commercial cleaners may wish to look elsewhere.

This particular Windex cleaner comes in a spray bottle. This makes it incredibly simple to apply, and a person does not need that many ‘squirts’ to start cleaning the windows. In fact, one of the major benefits of this Windex is that there is no real need to wipe that much. This is because this is one of only a few cleaners on the market which will start to dissolve the stain before it is even wiped.

We Love
  • Cheap
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Effective on most stains
We Don't Love
  • Won’t tackle really thick grime.

5. Fish Foaming Glass Window Cleaner – Best Foaming Glass Cleaner

A lot of people make homemade window cleaner with ammonia. While it is effective, it tends to smell quite awful. The place does not ever smell ‘clean’. That is why a lot of companies have started to go down the route of producing window cleaners which are not laden with ammonia. That is why this Window Foaming Glass Cleaner has been included on this list. It is ammonia free.

Many foam cleaning solutions do leave a streak. This one does not. In fact, it wipes off incredibly easily, leaving a dazzling shine. Since it is a foam cleaner, it is also going to be suitable for some of the more intense stains on the glass. However, it is probably worth pointing out that a good cloth will need to be used in combination with this. However, see the section on the best cleaning tools for more information about that.

This is a good window cleaner for smaller windows. It may be a touch too expensive for cleaning windows regularly. Have a back-up cleaner, and this one should be used for the tougher stains.

We Love
  • Ammonia free
  • Can tackle thick stains
  • Streak free
We Don't Love
  • Too expensive to use regularly

6. Windex Glass and Surface Wipes (Pack of 3)

Bit of a different product this one. This is not a cleaning solution, so it is not going to be used for cleaning windows down en-mass. Instead, it is a wipe. The idea is that if there is a smaller stain on the window, perhaps a finger print, then this can be used.

The solution included on these flat wipes is going to be exactly the same as the cleaning solution as any Windex, just ‘less of it’. It is more convenient, basically. For anybody that is regularly cleaning windows, then the normal Windex should be fine. In fact, in an ideal world, a person would have both options available to them.

These are simple to use. There are a few different wipes in the packet. Just pull out the one that is being used and the window can be given a wipe down. It can also be used on glass, and counter tops in the kitchen. It is incredibly versatile.

We Love
  • Easy to use
  • Has the classic Windex strength
  • Instantly removes stains
We Don't Love
  • Expensive to clean full windows with. More for just one or two stains.

7. Windex Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner Spray Bottle

This Windex Ammonia-Free is another cleaning product directly from bottle. This, once again, means that it is something which can only be used outdoors. However, it is slightly similar with the previous product mentioned. This is because this product has been specially designed to work with windows that need to clean everyday.

Mainly its uses to clean glass both of car & window. So you can use it for multi touch. It is very cheap & portable product. So you can carry it easily.

We Love
  • Streak free shine.
  • Can easily remove finger print & smudges.
  • Amonia-free solution
We Don't Love
  • Price is very cheap. But no doubt it is a good cleaner.

Buying Guide

Buying a window cleaner does not need to be that difficult. In fact, if a person sticks to any of the seven cleaners listed previously, they should be ‘fine’. There will be no need to do further research into window cleaner no streaks. However, for those who did need a bit of assistance, hopefully this section will help.

Rated for Glass

It is important that any cleaner purchased is rated for use on glass. This is because cleaners that are not rated for glass are guaranteed to leave streaks, even if the best window cleaning tools are used. The formula is all wrong. So, if it does not say that the cleaner can deal with glass, then it needs to be skipped.

Go with Reputable Brands

While there are a lot of cheaper window cleaning solutions on the market, try to avoid these wherever possible. Not many people realize this, but it does take a decent number of proper chemicals to come up with the right cleaning formulation. If a product is cheap, then it is likely the company is skimping out on it, and it is just not going to work at all with the glass. It is going to leave streaks.

There is a section on this page which introduces some of the best window cleaning companies in the world. This is a great place to start.

Purchase Concentrates

If there is a lot of glass that needs to be cleaned, then it may be ideal to go down the route of a cleaning concentrate. With these concentrates, all that happens is that they are mixed with water. A person will get a lot of ‘bang for their buck’ here. Since these concentrates are often made especially for commercial cleaning companies, they tend to be a lot more powerful too.

Scented or Not Scented?

Only one of the window cleaning products found on this list has a scent added. Most people just go for cleaners which have no scent unless they have ammonia in it. This is because a lot of the products which are scented just don’t smell that nice. They also require perfume to give it that scent, and the perfume is likely to end up leaving streaks. Basically, it is best avoided.

Read Reviews

Don’t buy into the marketing that a company is doing. It is important that reviews are always read before a purchase is made. This will tell a person whether the product they are looking to purchase is any good or if it needs to be avoided.

Application Method

There have been several different products on this list, each using different application methods. The application method used should be the one that suits the job and the person. For example; the removal of quick stains are going to be best carried out by some cleaning wipes, whereas larger stains or thick grime on the window is probably going to be best tackled by hose sprayers, or maybe even a concentrate.

Window Cleaning Tools List

Surprisingly, very few tools are needed to clean a window. At the very minimum, there will be a cleaning solution and a cloth required. However, not any cloth can be used. Since glass is being cleaned, it needs to be a lint free cloth. If a lint free cloth is not used, then there is a chance that small pieces of fabric could end up breaking off which could get stuck to the window, and it is going to be incredibly tough to remove.

If a cleaning solution is being used, then it is likely that a bucket or a spray bottle will be required to mix it up in. This is all going to be dependent on the product being used.

If windows are being cleaned and they are ‘up high’ then the best method is to pick up a hose based cleaning solution, although some people are not huge fans of that and may use a cleaning pole of some description. It is completely up to whoever is doing the job.

Special Tips to Purchase Window Cleaners No Streaks

Follow these tips and purchasing a window cleaner is going to be nice and easy for somebody.

No Ammonia

Ammonia is never good. While it does give a good clean in most cases, it smells hideous and animals or children coming into contact with it could be bad.

Purchase A Spray Bottle

If purchasing concentrated window cleaners no streaks, then opt to buy a spray bottle. It is easier to mix it up in a spray bottle and, ideally, a person would need minimal tools beyond the spray bottle and a cloth. A spray bottle would ideally have measurements on it which makes using it even easier.

How to Use Window Cleaners No Streaks?

This is all going to be dependent on the cleaner being used. Since using a cleaner is going to be easy if it is in a spray bottle, this method is for those who are using a concentrated cleaner that needs to be mixed with water:

  • Read the instructions on the window cleaner package.
  • Get a bucket of water, or spray bottle, with the right amount of water in it.
  • Carefully pour the cleaning solution into the water or spray bottle.
  • If a bucket is being used, mix up the cleaning solution with a stick or a pole.
  • If a spray bottle is being used, it can be given a good shake.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to the window liberally, although only do a small section at a time or there will be the risk of it drying out which will cause a streak.
  • Wipe the window down with a lint free cloth.

Best Brands of Window Cleaners No Streaks

There are several different brands of window cleaner on the market which come in highly recommended.


This is one of the best cleaning solutions on the market, and for very good reason too. It really does get the job done. Nearly every residential home will have a bottle of Windex hanging around because it is just so versatile.

Windex comes in a variety of different ‘forms’, which means it can be used to tackle several different projects. The most popular form will be in a spray bottle (the larger the better), although for smaller cleaning projects, there are also cleaning wipes that can be used.

One of the major benefits of Windex is that it can be used on different surfaces, not just on the windows.


While not a major brand in the industry as of yet, they are ideal for some people. This is because Puracy products are 100% natural. There are no awful chemicals thrown into these. This means that Puracy branded cleaning solutions are going to be ideal for those who own pets or have children.

Puracy products always give a ‘streak free’ finish. They also tackle whatever is thrown at them pretty well. They can remove even the thickest of stains with the minimum amount of effort.

The only real downside to Puracy is their cost. Since these are natural products which do not use cheap and awful chemicals, it does push the product up a little bit. However, many people see the fact that these are strong, natural cleaners as a ‘decent trade off’.


Again, not one of the most popular companies out there, but they are one of only a few companies in the world who have managed to ‘nail’ the idea of a foaming cleaner which does not leave streaks behind. Worth it if a person absolutely needs a foaming cleaner for whatever purpose.

Window Cleaners No Streaks FAQs

Here are some common questions about window cleaners those are no streaks. Hope these questions and answer will help you to understand that which one is perfect for you.

Q1. Are natural products the best product?

Answer: If possible. Yes. While they are more expensive, they are going to be ‘safer’ to use.

Q2. Why should ammonia products be avoided?

Answer: Not only is ammonia a chemical which smells awful, but it does leave a residue behind. While this residue may not necessarily cause any streaking, it is not going to be great to ‘touch’.

Q3. How much cleaning solution should be used?

Answer: This is going to be dependent on the product. Always read the bottle and mix it up well. If something ‘stronger’ is needed, then it may be wise to dilute it a little less.

Q4. Should scented products be avoided?

Answer: For the most part they should. This is because scented products can leave streaks behind due to the perfume that is packed into them.

Final Verdict of Window Cleaners No Streaks

This page covers everything a person needs to know about the world of window cleaners. We will be making sure that we keep the list of best window cleaners ‘up to date’.

Bookmark this page, because if we discover an amazing new window cleaner that can be used, this is going to be the first page that it is added. At the time of writing, these products are the ‘best of the best’.

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  1. I like that you said that Windex is a versatile cleaning solution for your window cleaning. My wife and I are looking to clean our exterior top windows, but we find it hard to do it sometimes because some windows are not meant to be clean by you. We are going to look for a professional that can help us clean our windows.

  2. In our opinion, the Mr Muscle Window Glass Cleaner is the very best product you can buy to clean your windows with. It leaves a streak-free shine, is easy to use and best of all, it’s affordable to buy.

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