Best Wireless Earbuds Reviews 2021 & Buying Guide

Best wireless earbuds reviews article is capable to give you the best solution to get a perfect wireless earbud. Just read the full article.

Wireless earbuds are a minimalist type of earphones that do not need cables or wires to play sound. They use bluetooth technology to connect remotely to an electronic device. Those devices may include smartphones, stereos, TVs, Kindles, laptops, and gaming consoles.

Due to the comfort, freedom, variety of prices, and the high-quality of sound transmission, they are quickly becoming a must-have! Hence, if you are planning to take your gaming, music, sport, or TV experience to the next level, checking now the best wireless earbuds reviews is your next step.

The best news about them is that there are many models in the market to choose from. It guarantees you may find the best for you. Moreover, we are providing you these best wireless earbuds reviews to help you through the selection process.

Thus, here you will find the key facts you need to combine the maximum comfort, best price, and ultimate technology for the best wireless earbuds. Keep reading to find our 10 best picks.

Best Wireless Earbuds Reviews 2021

Top 10 Wireless Earbuds Reviews

Well, you are here after checking the comparison table. So we can understand you like to know few more details. Sounds really good. We did in-depth research and found few awesome earbuds that are really good.

Just move ahead and check our list built by our experts. Hope you will love as we loved.

1. Apple Airpods with charging case (latest model) – THE BEST OF THE BEST

It is common that the perfect wireless earbuds reviews include these in their lists. After all, Apple was a pioneer in introducing wireless connectivity for its smartphones.

These earbuds just confirm their efforts to deliver the best wireless sound experience.  Besides the high-quality sound, they also offer great convenience with a charging case.

Airpods have already been in the market long enough to prove they are the best. This is mostly because of the quality of its sound and the extended coverage range for almost 100 feet.


This is an updated version with a newly added feature but totally worthy to enjoy. It is the access to Siri which may represent a huge difference for Apple fans. Siri lets you perform a wide range of tasks without effort. Or instance, just by asking to turn up or turn down the volume you will get instant results.

Besides that, Airpods keep their instant connectivity with Apple devices. Also, it is compatible with the Android system. Their case hold battery with 24 hours for listening and 18 hours for talking time and you get independent charge for up to 5 hours.

They are extra light, with stylish design.  Some of its most sophisticated features include optical sensors and a motion accelerometer to perform on its own.

A new version with wireless charging case is already in the market. However, that was basically the only addition it got. So, if you want to save some bucks and still enjoy the best, this is the model for you.

Positive & Negative Sides

We Love
  • It only requires a “HEY, SIRI” command to perform many tasks
  • Tee-golf design that fits all ears
  • Instant connectivity to al Apple devices
  • Long battery life that lasts up to 5 hours and rechargeable
  • Case battery charge availability up to 24 hours
We Don't Love
  • They are not waterproof
  • The upgrade did not include any features in the earbuds

2. Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless – THE BEST FOR SPORT LOVERS

Bose is a well-known brand for speakers, headphones, and other sound devices. At this moment, it is logical that they have developed their own model of earbuds…and they nailed it! Due to its features, the main target of these earbuds is sport lovers. They have some of the extreme features that sport lovers need.

These earbuds include “SoundSport” system which allows athletes to keep aware of the surrounding sound and still enjoy high-quality sound without distortions.

Moreover, they are covered with water repellent substances which also help keep the earbuds moisturized.  You can enjoy 5 full hours of play time with just one charge. If you need more, the charging case provides 10 more hours with 2 hours of charging time.

They were also carefully designed to fit perfectly into your ear. That is due to the additional piece added to the tips that can handle even the most extreme movements without losing their fit. They also include 3 additional sport tips in 3 sizes (S, M, L) to make sure you find the perfect size for you.

In addition, you don´t have to worry about losing them because they include a “find my buds” App and audio signal to track them down if something happens.

Positive & Negative Sides

We Love
  • Water and sweat proof resistant with Ipx4 rating
  • Includes integrated microphone on the right earbud to allow you receive calls while connected to Bluetooth
  • Battery charge lasts up to 5 hours and charging time is 2 hours
  • Includes charging case
We Don't Love
  • Call audios are limited to the right earbud
  • Users report different opinions on the level of external noise reduction of “SoundSport” system

3. Tranya T3 Sports Wireless Headphones – THE BEST BALANCE

This time, Tranya offers us a great combination of good price and excellent performance. These earbuds have everything you need with excellent sound. Long lasting play time up to 8 hours and stable connectivity make them incredibly reliable. In addition, this version allows you to control the volume from the earbuds. As a result, you get more freedom to be around and move.

The quality of sound is backed up by rendering technology with Deep Bass and crisp treble. Also, it is able to block external noises while exercising and get stereo when using the phone.

Among other functions, Tranya earbuds allow you Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and its antenna gives you up to 33 feet of distance. In addition, you get voice recognition functions similar to SIRI to skip, play, and pause.

Similarly, it also automatically turns on and off when pairing with the charging case. Also, it works with Android, iOS, and many other devices with included Bluetooth. For those rainy days, it is also water and sweat proof IPx5.

Comfort and versatility are assured with their 5 sets of silicone tips which allow you to find a snug fit that allows you to keep the whole sound. Moreover, you can enjoy the Mono Mode which allows you to connect a different device on each separate earbud.

Positive & Negative Sides

We Love
  • Water and sweat proof IPx5 level
  • HD stereo sound available
  • It includes noise block feature
  • Battery life lasts up to 8 hours with only one charge
  • Volume, skip, pause, and play functions can be controlled from the earbuds
  • Mono Mode to allow each bud get connected separately
We Don't Love
  • Some users report they don’t seem to remain perfectly fit while running but did perfectly well with lower impact activities.


It would be impossible not to add some Sony earbuds in many best wireless earbuds reviews. This brand is highly recognized in the sound department. Hence, there is no doubt about the quality of it. However, for this product, it focused its attention on adding many functions in the earbuds while keeping an outstanding quality with the latest trends.

Some of the functions added to the earbuds themselves with pressing a button include power on/off, connecting them to Bluetooth, activating noise cancelling mode, controlling music, and activation of voice assist.

Also, this model offers a Digital Nose Cancellation feature for crisp listening. Therefore, you will be able to listen to a powerful sound with EXTRA BASS which offers punchy low spectrum sound quality.

In addition, it offers sound options for outdoor activities or special sessions by including an Ambient Sound Mode with environmental sounds.

The Sport lovers have weather and sweat proof Ipx4 earbuds that guarantee full protection during those hard times. Furthermore, they can get the perfect fit. That is because the earbuds have silicone support that guarantees they will always be in place despite all the movements.

When it comes to battery charge it lasts up to 9 hours of playback. In addition, the charging case is lightweight and easy to carry everywhere.

Positive & Negative Sides

We Love
  • Compatible with Android and Apple devices
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls
  • It is able to connect with your preferred voice assistant such as SIRI or Google Assistant
  • Secure fit with silicone tips that easily adjust to your ears
  • Many functions added to the earbuds
  • Sweat and splash proof Ipx4 level
  • Available in 5 different colors
We Don't Love
  • The voice audio for phone calls is only available in the left earbud and might require some time to get used to

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds with Wireless Charging Case – THE NEXT GENERATION

With this model, Samsung assured its entrance to the next generation of earbuds. Why? It is simple…They added a wireless charging case which is the last trend in new models. It is now a serious competitor for Apple Airpods latest version. But Samsung has its own additional features too which are totally worthy to check.

First of all, it is suitable for Android and iOS. Secondly, their sound features stand out for the premium sound of AKG. It allows you to get substantial bass and a volume driver that provides a wider range of sound.

But the best sound doesn´t end with that. They also include 3 adjustable ear tips and wingtip sizes for not letting any beat to get away when finding your perfect fit. In addition, Android can enjoy the Ambient Aware feature to control how much sound you let in in certain situations.

On the other hand, iOS users have the chance to get connected to the voice command feature of Siri. Regarding the battery charge, it may last up to 6 hours. In addition, you get 7 more hours available from the charger.

The charger is wireless but it also includes a USB cable if you prefer this mode. This way you get the best from both charging types. Also, it is very responsive and very easy to set up.

Positive & Negative Sides

We Love
  • Wireless charger included that works on charging mats and on the back of S10 smartphone.
  • USB cable included for wired charge
  • Includes Ambient Aware feature to control the sound in surrounding environments
  • Premium sound powered by AKG feature
  • It comes with 3 adjustable ear tips
  • Each bud works individually
We Don't Love
  • Ambient Aware feature is only available for Android system

6. LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones IPX7 Waterproof, Wireless Sport Earphones – THE MOST WEARABLE OPTION

Despite that headbands and any other cords are losing some adepts for wireless earbuds this model has a solid fan club. Due to the high quality of the sound, affordable price, and comfort it is a strong competitor for more sophisticated models.

The quality of the sound comes from the HD stereo sound with truly strong solid bass. In addition, the CVC6.0 digital noise cancellation feature allows you to block noisy environments. To add even more, they can perfectly fit your ear as they include 3 sets of ear tips in S, M, and L size made in silicone and memory foam.

Also, this model is manufactured with strong and water-resistant materials in one of the highest ranges of IPx7. It makes them durable and totally reliable during your exercise routines. Regarding the play time, it can reach up to 8 hours with just one charge.

These earbuds can reach up to 33 feet in open spaces. Moreover, their easy buttons allow you to control your music and phone calls without reaching any phone or device.

To help you take care of them and carry them on easily, they include a practical hard case. Thus, you can store them anytime.

Positive & Negative Sides

We Love
  • Sweat, rai, and splash proof Ipx7
  • Ergonomic design manufactured in silicone and memory foam
  • Easy-use buttons for controlling sound
  • Noise cancellation for noisy environments
  • HD stereo sound and built-in microphone
We Don't Love
  • The earbuds are not independent
  • It is suitable for Bluetooth version 4.1

7. Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds – Alexa Built-In – SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE

With the Jabra Elite 65T, you get premium earbuds. From the charging case to the quality of sound, it was designed to provide true wireless music, calls, and sport but at a superior level. Since these are 3rd generation earbuds, they have collected all the data to improve your experience.

Firstly, it is IP55 rated for water protection. This is why manufacturers provide 2 years of warranty against water and dust.

As a 3rd generation product, it offers exceptional stability of the sound without unexpected dropouts. Similarly, the 4 microphones built-in technology provides superior call performance.

In addition, Jabra Elite went further by adding an integrated motion sensor to let you track your fitness and performance. Due to its long-lasting battery of 5 hours you will not have to worry about lack of power.

Also, you get 15 extra hours in the charging case and a quick charge option in 15 minutes to get 1.5 hours. If you connect them to your smartphone you will get an extraordinary App that is constantly evolving.

Currently, the App allows you to choose the voice command of your preference, such as Sri or Google Assistant. Also, you can select Alexa which is Amazon certified for these earbuds.

Positive & Negative Sides

We Love
  • Phone conversations are very clear due to the 4 microphones tech
  • Water resistant IP55 range
  • Secure fitting design for perfect stability while using it
  • Integrated motion sensor to track fitness performance
  • App to personalize earbuds functions
  • Audio is available during calls from both earbuds
We Don't Love
  • Only the right earbud can be used alone while the left is charging


This model can save you tons of headaches by letting you get the most affordable earbud with great quality. It is just a bud that was manufactured thinking on how to offer solutions for all customers´ requirements. Most importantly, it is the smallest earbud available in the market but with all you need to have a great sound experience.

The Nenrent S570 has one multi-functional button to control all. Hence, you can easily play/pause your music, turn on/off the earbud, and answer/hang up your phone by pushing the button. Due to its mini size, it is discrete with ergonomic design and extremely comfy.

In addition, its built-in battery allows you to obtain about 4-6 hours of playtime and up to 6 hours of call time. If you want to recharge it, you just need about 1-2 hours.

It is compatible with iOS and Android which allows you to use it with smartphones, laptops, and tablets. To make it easier for you, this product can be purchased alone or with its charging case both of which are super affordable.

Another that stands out is its capacity to get connected to 2 devices at the same time. Also, it covers up to 19 meters when connected simultaneously. With all these features you have your favorite Netflix, audiobook or podcast fully covered.

Positive & Negative Sides

We Love
  • It is the smallest single earbud with ergonomic design
  • Compatible with iOS and Android systems
  • It supports stream/music/audio
  • It doesn’t flash any light when it is on so you can use it without disturbing our partner at night
  • Can connect 2 devices simultaneously
We Don't Love
  • Bluetooth connection is 4.1
  • Charging case is sold separately

9. IVOSY True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 Waterproof Noise Cancelling Bass Air Buds – A RELIABLE OPTION

As a way to innovate with its products, Ivosy launched these earbuds with some of the most advanced features and an innovative and practical charging case. They are a perfect choice for sharing activities with your beloved ones. That is because it includes a binaural mode.

On the other hand, when driving, exercising in open fields you can keep it in mono mode by using only the right bud. Your left ear remains available to keep fully aware of external noises without losing the best sound.

Above all, Ivosy earbuds stand out for the triple threat charging case. First of all, it is a portable charging case that works for either the earbuds and the cell phone. Secondly, it provides 35 additional hours to recharge. Last, but not least, it protects your earbuds when you are no using them as it is strong and durable.

The quality of sound is guaranteed with the noise cancelling function and the adaptability to 5.0 Bluetooth. Whatever you choose to enjoy on TV, stereo, smartphone, laptop, iPad, and more, you still keep the high-quality sound.

In addition, the waterproof feature offers Ipx7 level which makes resistant to rain, splash, sweat, and any accidental water spill.

Positive & Negative Sides

We Love
  • Wide compatibility with iOS, Android, and smart TVs
  • Water resistant iPX7 level
  • Smart charging case with multiple functions
  • It can be used either in mono or dual mode
  • 12 months warranty for replacement
  • Noise cancelling function for better bass sound
  • It syncs with Siri
We Don't Love
  • Manual of instructions is poorly written


Bang & Olufsen is a well-known brand for luxury products in the sound field. This luxury is related to the quality of the sound and the quality of the materials and designs they use to present its products. This model is not an exception and the features of it confirm the rule.

The best premium experience begins even before opening the case. That is because it is an elegant design manufactured in pure leather and a brush aluminum inlay. Also, it is a charging wireless case that uses the newest Qi-certified wireless technology that makes ultra-safe and compatible with many devices.

If you have been searching a truly long-lasting battery, here you will find up to 16 hours of total playtime divided into 4 single charges available from the wireless case.

When it comes to the sound, it is backed up by the best sound engineers that take part in developing all Bang & Olufsen audio products. In addition, its ear tips have an ergonomic design and provide optimal friction between the polymer and the ear for a perfect fit.

Also, it has sensitive touch command in the earbuds which extremely easy to control your music, phone calls, and voice commands. It is a truly wireless experience.

Positive & Negative Sides

We Love
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Touch sensitive controls included in the earbuds
  • Bang & Olufsen App that allows to personalize your sound experience
  • The charging case is fully wireless with Qi certified technology
  • The design of the ear tips guarantee comfort for long periods of time
We Don't Love
  • Bluetooth connectivity is version 4.2
  • Over the top price

Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide

Wireless technology is quickly spreading through electronic devices. Hence, it is not unusual to find many wireless earbuds in the market. Because of it, it is crucial to have some knowledge to make sure you can make a smart purchase that satisfies all your needs.

Fortunately, basic wireless earbuds work with simple technology. But if you want to enjoy an experience that takes you beyond the sound then you will have to dig a little bit more in your knowledge. This is why we have written the best wireless earbuds 2019 reviews.

In addition, this buying guide will help you find the key differences and similitudes among many models. Here is what you need to consider:

1. Sound

The sound is the most important feature you have to consider. In fact, other features tend to contribute (or not) with the quality of it. After all, earbuds were created to deliver sound. It doesn’t matter if you are an audiophile or just an amateur you always deserve to get the best sound.

But what makes a high-quality sound? First of all, manufacturers offer different sound systems. They are fully aware of their importance and try to develop more and better versions of sound systems. When picking new earbuds, you should check that they have the specifications regarding the type of sound. If they lack a system sound perhaps it will not be worthy to check that model.

Those systems may include the common High Definition. Others get very specific on what type of sounds you will get more accurate. This is to say that some make emphasis on acoustic sounds, others on the bass, and few others insist on balancing them.

Type of Sound

Besides the type of sound, there is a very important feature related to “noise cancelling” or “noise reduction”. This feature allows you to enjoy the selected sound system as it really is. Some wireless earbuds make emphasis in providing the feature in just on bud. Others give you the option to regulate the level of “noise cancelling”.

In that sense, it is very important that you define how you will be using your earbuds. For instance, if you are planning to buy them to watch your favorite Netflix show and receive some calls, then a basic model with HD sound would be OK. However, if you truly appreciate music genres then the “noise cancelling” is essential.

In addition, your lifestyle is also crucial to define the type of sound. For instance, some athletes require blocking all the exterior noise to avoid distractions. On the other hand, some cyclists and runners might require to keep aware of external noises to keep their safety. In any case, an HD or stereo sound should be the rule. Special features will depend on your lifestyle.

2. The Perfect Fit

The perfect fit results essential for 2 reasons. Firstly, it gives you freedom of movement as you can move around without worrying that they fall. Secondly, when the ear tips fit well you can get better quality sound.

To let you find the perfect fit, manufacturers rely on providing 2 or 3 sets of ear tips to let you choose the better option. It is common that many models include S, M, and L sizes as part of the basic features. When choosing wireless earbuds having several options is the best decision.

In the same vein, manufacturers offer interesting innovations regarding the materials they use. Some of the most effective earbuds/ear tips are manufactured in silicone and memory foam. Those seem to be pretty popular. Other models include special coverages to keep them hydrated while you are wearing them.

Design Fact

Also, the design is a very element to consider. The most efficient is always ergonomic. In addition, the way it fits is related to how deep the ear bud goes into your ear. In addition, some models may add some sort of hooks or wings to help them remain in place.

Some people prefer headbands or neckbands to make sure they never lose their earbuds. But trends are proving that people are starting to swift to earbuds without those accessories. The primary reason is that the newest earbuds are coming with an excellent design that allows them to keep in place in the hardest circumstances.

Considering all the above, those people with an active lifestyle should pay special attention to this element of design. Among them, sport lovers and people with busy schedules need to rely on very well-fitted earbuds. In addition, if music is very important in your life earbuds design guarantees that the sound is delivered according to the specifications.

3. Water Proof/Resistance

Despite many models claim they are water resistant not all of them really are. That is because the water resistance has different levels. In addition, the term that is used for real water resistance is waterproof.

An easy way to differentiate consists in indicating that earbuds are splash, sweat or water resistant. In other words, it means that splash and sweat resistances are referred to occasional drops of water. But water resistance is referred to rainy days and the possibility to dive with them at certain level.

Although that is an easy way to understand, it is not as accurate as it should be. Because of it, manufacturers are more frequently adding the standard classification IPX that refers to the level of resistance/proof. For this nomenclature, the acceptable level would be between IPX5 and IPX7. The most resistant have IPX7 and usually indicate how deep the earbuds can go into the water.

In order to obtain such resistance, manufacturers use special materials or add coverage to make it resistant. The most recommended are the materials. However, if you find a model that cover your needs then you might consider some coverage as a valid alternative.

If you live in rainy or snowy zones it is better to choose high levels of water resistance. Athletes preferences may vary depending on the type of sport but with high levels of sweat, it is better to have high levels of resistance too.

4. Battery Life

Battery life is one of the busiest departments for wireless earbuds. Currently, the standard battery life for one single charge is about 4 – 6 hours. The best models exceed this time.  However, the big difference is given by the charging case.

Nowadays, most of the wireless earbuds include charging cases that have different charging reserves. They are usually practical and easy to carry. Due to this, the battery re-charge is easily available. In addition, you should also consider recharging time.

Also, there are several features related to battery charge that might useful to consider. Firstly, some earbuds include charging signals in the bud so you can get noticed when the recharging time is coming. Therefore, you don´t have to wait until the last minute.

On the other hand, some models work individually and allow you to recharge one of the earbuds while charging the other. For battery charge, the most important issue is to know how much time are planning to use your earbuds. Some people take them everywhere. Others use them for very specific situations.  That is what makes the difference.

5. Control Buttons

Control buttons located in the earbuds are becoming the new rule. In the past, it was always necessary to control everything by going to the smartphone or device. But little by little manufacturers started to introduce new functions to the earbuds.

The most sophisticated models allow you to control the music and get connected to voice assistant from the earbuds. At this point, you should look for models that offer the easiest way to use such buttons. These ways may include less time of pushing or more visibility, among others. Also, some earbuds offer control buttons in one of the buds while others offer a button in both buds.

In any case, control buttons are now essential if you want to enjoy a truly wireless experience with your earbuds.

6. Price

Wireless earbuds are available at all prices. Some of them may result surprisingly affordable and can make you suspect. But you should not. Due to the development of new technologies, manufacturers are being able to reduce their costs and keep high quality.

However, higher prices result in more features to the earbuds. Those extra features may include more battery time, better sound system, and better design. Lucky for you, all the range of prices work on your favor. You just have to be savvy to pick your wireless earbuds.

Best Brands of Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds come from many different brands. In many cases are a complement for other computer electronic devices. In other cases, they are part of sound devices such as headphones, etc. Below you will find a short list of some of the most innovative brands that are worthy to check:

1. Apple

This company US company is highly recognized for its computer devices which include smartphones. It is logical that they have developed headphones and earbuds to complement their products. Although wireless earbuds are not its main product it still keeps the high quality that stands out in all of them.

Above all, Apple is synonymous of innovation. Therefore, when you buy its wireless earbuds you are probably getting the latest features available in the market. In addition, its esthetic is peculiar and the Tee-golf model of its earbuds pretty much reveal how it is.

2. Samsung

This Korean company is another electronic giant. They stand out for their innovation and originality. It is not uncommon that they have developed wireless earbuds. Its newest model is already a second version that includes wireless charger too.

The best news about its products is that they are nicely designed to match all Samsung products while being compatible with many other brands too.  It would be an excellent choice if you pick some of its products.

3. Bang & Olufsen

It is a well-stablished Danish company focused in developing high-end luxury electronic products. Their designs are legendary and some of the oldest ones still prevail in modern times. The company has divisions for many types of products and the audio division is one of them.

Besides its luxury approach, with audio products they focused in providing high fidelity devices. For wireless earbuds they launched a version with the latest trends, and of course, luxury design and materials. With this brand you can get both, luxury and high quality.

4. Sony

Sony is a Japanese corporation that owns the most important music entertainment business of the world. For many years it has been focused in developing music and electronic devices. In the last century it revolutionized the way we hear music by introducing the Walkman device.

Nowadays, its wireless earbud are a natural evolution of its business and they guarantee an excellent quality of sound. You will never go wrong selecting Sony wireless earbuds.


Here are some common questions with answers. If you are like to know about wireless earbuds very quickly, this solution is for you. Also you can know something special from this section.

Q1. Is it worthy to buy the Airpods with wireless charging case?

Answer: The only major change of the new version of Airpods is the wireless charging case. How ever the price is significantly higher that the previous model. In this case, if your lifestyle do not require a wireless charging case perhaps it would be worthy to wait for the next version and save some bucks with the oldest version.

Q2. Do I always need to use ear tips?

Answer: Ear tips are made to ease the earbuds´ use but if you feel Ok without them you can remove them.

Q3. If wireless earbuds do not have warranty, are they still worthy to buy?

Answer: There many models available in the market that do not include warranty. This feature has just started to pop up among the best brands due to special features. If you get a basic model it might still be worthy to get them.

Q4. What model is more convenient, the one with headband/neckband or those totally free?

Answer: It is totally up to you. The headband/neckband were an upgrade when they first appeared but if you still feel comfortable using them just keep going. Also, if you feel worried about losing the wireless earbuds, perhaps they may be the best choice for you.

Q5. What is the difference between wireless earbuds and truly wireless earbuds?

Answer: Truly wireless earbuds come with wireless charging case. Wireless earbuds don’t.

Q6. Can I have a lower version of 5.0 Bluetooth in my smartphone and still use 5.0 wireless earbuds?

Answer: No, you can´t. You must be careful when you buy them.

Q7. If I lose one earbud can I buy a replacement for just one additional bud?

Answer: Some brands offer one bud replacement. However, you must check or ask the provider to make sure you can get a single replacement if you need.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are wonderful times to upgrade your sound experience. Due to the variety of models and the advancement of technology it seems that you can totally renew your earbuds. If you haven´t tried them yet, it is the perfect time too.

You have plenty of affordable options to start your journey. Above all, focus your attention in what makes you get a better sound. That where manufacturers pay their attention too. After you feel comfy enough do not hesitate to opt for the best brands of the market.

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