7 Easy Steps to Clean Mirrors Without Streaks

Want to clean clean mirrors without streaks?

Well, let’s go!

They say the eyes are the “windows to the soul.” How about mirrors? What do mirrors say about the person who is responsible for keeping them clean? Is there day-old toothpaste on them? How about hair or other matter that somehow finds a way to stick magically to a mirror. All these things can leave a bad reflection.

Don’t fret, this does happen quite frequently. The usual reason given for this “neglect” is mirrors can be very frustrating to clean. No matter how much elbow grease used or how hard one scrubs, there are always streaks left behind.

The daily routine of staring and glaring in a mirror can leave quite an impression and it’s important to start the day off right. So, let’s look at a few ways to get those mirrors cleaned properly without the streaks.

Clean Mirrors Without Streaks

DIY Guide: Clean Mirrors Without Streaks

So I hope if you follow these ways to clean mirrors without streaks, your mirror will exactly the same as you purchased it. Sounds good? So why you don’t try these ways? Lets go!

1. Gather “The Right” Supplies

Before starting make sure to grab the right supplies needed. Start with a pair of gloves, glass cleaner, a reusable spray bottle, a piece of newspaper or a lint-free towel, one microfiber cloth, a cotton ball and a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

The gloves will be needed to protect hands from the cleaner, but will also keep ink off of one’s hands when using newspaper to wipe.

2. A Cotton Ball and Rubbing Alcohol

To begin, first put on the gloves, grab a cotton ball, and together with the rubbing alcohol, scan the mirror for any material that may be stuck on the mirror.

Remove any gooey or gunky material from the mirror. This step will help save time and the need to scrub later. Toothpaste, shaving cream, and soap are the usual culprits that find its way onto the mirror. One must work quickly because the alcohol dries quickly.

3. Spray Cleaner

Starting from the top, spray window cleaner on to the mirror. Make sure to spray a mist instead of soaking the mirror. Let the cleaner run down the mirror to the bottom. Most store-bought glass cleaners are not too sudsy which helps keep streaks away.

But a homemade mixture can be an option. When mixing the glass cleaner, pour 50%vinegar, and 50% distilled into a reusable spray bottle and mix. Using the vinegar and distilled water mixture is the trick, and it’s inexpensive. Double points.

4. Use A Newspaper or Lint Free Cloth

Fold the lint-free cloth or the newspaper into fourths. This will allow a clean and dry surface with each wipe of the mirror. A newspaper is a cheaper and a more accessible supply that works great.

When using newspaper, make sure to wear gloves to keep from ink running on one’s hands.  So, put that Daily Edition to use.

5. Clean Off

Starting from the top left- hand corner drag the newspaper or a lint-free cloth to the far -right corner at the top of the mirror. Swoop down and continue with a zigzag motion until reaching the bottom of the mirror.

Continue this motion until the entire mirror is clean. While wiping flip the cloth over with each pass over making sure that the clean and dry part of the cloth is on the mirror. This will help eliminate the need to have to go back over areas.

6. Step Back

Step back and look at the mirror Look for any areas missed during the initial wipe down.  Bending down and looking from a 45 degree angle usually helps pick up any missed spots. If there are any missed spot, repeat steps two through four.

7. Buff the Mirror

Finally, after all that wiping now is the last step. If after the final look over the mirror passes the test, now is the time to buff it out. Using the microfiber towel buff out the entire mirror.

The microfiber towel should remove if any, streaks from the mirror. Now take a step back and admire those beautiful mirrors.


In comparison, these steps to clean mirrors should be a lot easier to work into the weekly or daily chore routine. Give it a try. Everyone should be able to enjoy clean and sparkling mirrors, but not at the expense of losing one’s sanity.

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