Easy Ways of Demolition Hammer Uses

What is the best way to learn demolition hammer uses?

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No problem, here are some awesome uses of demolition hammer. Hope these tips can help you to use the demolition hammer more easily.

Demolition hammers are very useful tools when you’re looking to save time and money. They are sold in a wide variety of sizes and models, for works of low, medium and hard complexity.

If you need to demolish something that would take too long with manual methods, demolition hammers are perfect for this purpose. Today you’ll know several new uses that you can give to these versatile power tools.

What is Demolition Hammer?

Demolition hammer is a power tool that drives an SDS steel tip to demolish resistant elements. It performs successfully in a large number of tasks, reducing execution times and avoiding delays.

Demolition hammer types are three:

  • Electric
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic

Depending on the type of work and the strength of the material, a demolition hammer may require one of the following chisel types:

  • Point
  • Scrabbler
  • Flex chisel
  • Spade
  • Stake driver
  • Flat tip
  • Bushing tools

Although demolition hammers are powerful tools, their efficiency also depends on a good handling from the operator. The tip always has to form a perfect 90º angle to maximize the power of the tool.

It’s the perfect tool to demolish very high strength structures such as foundations and reinforced walls. By varying the use of each chisel, you can obtain straight and clean cuts effortlessly.

During work, operators must use the required safety equipment at all times. Hands must remain firm to hold the tool, because the generated vibration could cause it to slip.

Demolition Hammer Uses

Although used primarily as a demolition tools, these hammers can carry out a large number of different purposes. The most interesting are:

Removing Tiles

It’s true that demolishing tile floors is a messy labor. You usually need to invest a lot of time and energy to remove each tile without raising dust and causing a disaster.

Flex chisel of a demolition hammer can remove tiles instantly without breaking them too much.

Removing Difficult Stains on Concrete Pavements

Many times more concentrated chemicals aren’t enough to remove stains on concrete pavements. Using the brushing tool of a demolition hammer, stains come out with relatively little effort.

Improving Aesthetics in Hardened Concrete Elements

Improving the aesthetics of concrete elements after hardening isn’t longer a problem. From correcting edges to making almost perfect linear cuts. Flat tips are the most appropriate in these cases.

Making Clean Cuts on Asphalt Pavements

By the action of heavy traffic and external agents, huge holes form on asphalt pavements. Some holes are so small that filling them directly with new asphalt wouldn’t guarantee adequate adhesion.

In these cases, it’s a common practice to remove rectangular sections from the pavement to add more asphalt and ensure better adherence, compaction and resistance at that point.

A flat tip and a demolition hammer with appropriate size can do this.

Making Holes in Concrete Structures

Sometimes, it’s necessary to make holes in concrete structures for different purposes. For example, to demolish large buildings, it’s necessary to drill structural elements to place explosive charges inside.

Demolition hammers with point tips are usually used for this purpose.


Although their name may indicate that they’re only for demolition work, these hammers have a wide variety of different uses. Thanks to these power tools, tasks that would take days can last a few minutes.Factors such as material type, strength and thickness, will help you choose your tool size well. Remember also that there’s a different chisel for each purpose.

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