How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV Without Bluetooth

So you like to learn how to connect wireless headphones to TV without Bluetooth, right?

Although very popular in these days, most people don’t have a TV with Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the newest wireless headphones require Bluetooth to function.

If you have a conventional TV, using wireless headphones to enjoy your favorite shows may seem an impossible dream. However, some wireless earbud headphones don’t require Bluetooth and work even better.

Today you’ll know how to connect wireless headphones in any kind of TV.

What is the Benefits to connect wireless headphones with TV?

If you live in a busy area, you probably know how annoying it’s to try to listen to the TV with too much noise around.

If you no longer hear very well, you may have received complaints from your family for raising the TV’s volume too much.

If things like this happen to you all the time, you surely need wireless headphones. Headphones allow you to enjoy much more sounds, giving you a totally different experience.

If you usually use TV speakers, you have surely noticed that sometimes you have to raise the volume too much to perceive some background sounds. Many times you don’t feel emotion when watching a good movie because you can’t hear the soundtrack.

The sound adds more life to your favorite shows, so you can’t miss a single thing to live the best experience. Wireless headphones give you the freedom to leave your room without missing what it’s said on TV.

You could go to the kitchen and listen to the news while preparing coffee or you could listen to your favorite soap opera dialogues during the cleaning work.

If you are always the last at home to go to sleep and don’t want to wake up your family with the sound of TV, wireless headphones are the best way to guarantee absolute silence and unlimited entertainment.

If you love orchestra music and want to pay attention to the characteristic sound of each instrument, you just have to close your eyes and let yourself go while your wireless headphones take you to the front row.

The possibilities are many. You’ll spend hours and hours delighting in the sounds of which you couldn’t listen with speakers of your old TV.

Step by Step Guide of How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV Without Bluetooth

If you don’t have a TV with Bluetooth, don’t worry. Dedicated wireless headphones are an excellent option and are compatible with any kind of TV. Installing them is very simple and these are the steps.

01. Plug the Base Station in the Headphones Input

Dedicated wireless headphones use radio frequency to transmit and receive a sound signal. When most Bluetooth devices have a maximum range of 30 feet, dedicated wireless headphones can reach 300 feet.

They also don’t need to configure, making installation much easier. Simply connect the jack from the base station to the TV’s headphone input.

Automatically, the sound from speakers stops and is output through the headphones.

02. Adjust the Volume and Enjoy

Once connected, you just have to adjust the volume of the wireless headphones to the desired level. Then you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, concerts, music videos and more.

For the sound to return to the TV speakers, you just have to unplug the jack from the TV.

If you already have Bluetooth wireless headphones and a conventional TV, you can buy a Bluetooth transmitter, which connects directly to the TV’s headphones output and transmits the sound signal via Bluetooth. Very cheap price and is very easy to set up.


No matter what kind of TV you have, there are hundreds of different wireless headphones on the market that fit your needs. Some wireless headphones may be better than the most popular Bluetooth wireless headphones.

They also have a quite large range, which gives you greater freedom of movement. You no longer need to be too close to your TV to listen loud and clear.

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