List of Shoe Cleaning Kits

When it comes to one’s wardrobe shoes are usually the show stopper.  A pair of leather shoes that are shined and polished will get one noticed very quickly. But do they necessarily have to pay a service to get those shoes looking on point? Well no, not necessarily. And that is nice, because and quite frankly using a service could get expensive or worse do more harm than good. So if you like to do the job yourself, that’s fine. Just you have the shoe cleaning kits near your hand.

List of Shoe Cleaning Kits

This is where the purchase of an in-home shoe cleaning kit can benefit someone greatly. A shoe care kit is a very convenient option for those that like to provide daily care to their shoes. A kit usually comes in a variety of cases that are easy to store.  The basic tools of any practical shoe care kit are:

  • A brush
  • A Soft Cloth
  • A leather cleaner and conditioner
  • Shoe Polish
  • A carrying case
  • Sounds easy right? Well like with anything else, choosing a shoe care kit can be quite daunting due to the vast number of options to choose from.  So, which one is right? Which one will get those shoes looking brand new?

    Kiwi Select

    Nothing fancy about this shoe care kit. But what it may lack in “style,” the Kiwi Select brings quality and a shine that is out of this world.  The tools that make up this kit are two foam daubers, a cloth, a brush, and two tins of paste.

    Florsheim Cedar Box Shoe Shine Kit

    Love the smell of cedar? Well, this shoe care kit brings that sweet and woody aroma in the form of the box that it comes in. This kit comes with everything one needs in a box that is fashioned out of top-quality cedar. Includes a footrest, black and brown shoe crème, a cloth shammy, and two brushes.  Throw in a wooden shoehorn, and one has all they need to get that high-quality shine.

    Sethjcsy Care Kit

    When it comes time to travel, bringing a shoe care kit might be a possibility, especially if the destination is a wedding or other special event, where dressing up is not an option. The 12- piece Sethcjcsy Care Kit comes with everything that one will need to get that beautiful shine. All in a stylish and round carrying case, that easily fits in carryon luggage making this kit the go-to shoe care kit when traveling.

    Moneysworth and Best 5 Piece Military Shoe Shine Kit

    Sometimes keeping things simple is the best option, especially if shoes are needing to be polished often and quickly. This 5-piece kit comes with a flannel polishing cloth, a polishing brush, a shoe horn, one dauber, and black paste polish, all in a quick zip enclosure will bring back that shine to any pair of leather shoes or boots in no time.

    Shinekits Ultimate Mens Shoe Shine Kit

    One kit, two different boxes. Shoe shine kits ultimate men’s is available in boxes that are both constructed out of Douglas Fir, but each box is available in two different polishes, cocoa, and a honey finish. Different types of polishers works in different ways.

    There are partitions that make up the inside of the box, making it very easy to store and separate the kit’s contents. Those contents include three Angelus shoe polish tins (brown, black, and neutral colors), two applicator brushes, two polishing brushes made out of horsehair, and two shammy cloths.

    Clean Kicks Universal

    Maintaining leather shoes is very important, but more likely than not there are other shoes in that closet. Having clean sneakers can be a big deal as well. That is where the Clean Kicks Universal shoe care kit, comes to play. Although it will not shine those leather boots, they will get those sneakers back to new, before heading out.

    Having a quality shoe care kit readily available is great because they could save both time and money. There are numerous ways that one can either buy or build their own kit that will keep those shoes looking sharp.


    So, don’t fret, don’t wait until the next time for those fancy kicks to come out the closet, grab a shoe care kit that will replace that trip to the local cobbler.

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