DIY Guide : What is the Best Way to Clean Windows Without Streaking?

Having clean windows has a way of brightening up a home. Good old fashion sunshine has a way of changing one’s mood. But when coming up with a list of chores, where does window cleaning rank? Although not a difficult task, it can be quite tedious with all that spraying and wiping and still the same results, streaks.

Like most other things, when cleaning sometimes it is a matter of what tools are being used compared to how hard one scrubs. But there are ways that one can get clean streak free windows without all the elbow grease involved. Here is a simple list of the supplies necessary to get those streak free windows.

Avoid Paper Towels

Sounds crazy right? But think about it, not only do paper towels leave streaks, but all those linty particles that stay behind that can be worse than the streaks themselves. Go for a microfiber cloth or even a squeegee to help clean that glass. There is also one more option, and that is using newspaper. Make sure to use gloves when using newspaper to keep the ink from getting on the skin. So, after reading the Sunday paper put it too good use and hit that glass.

Avoid the Faucet

Let’s face it the water that comes from the faucet can vary in quality from one area to the next. Using tap water to clean other areas of the house where imperfection is not as noticeable is one thing. But the spots left from hard water, on a window, well that is another thing. Mixing distilled water with a glass cleaner will eliminate all the impurities that are found in water from the tap. It is also cheap and can be mixed in a bucket in a cinch.


There is another option and it may already in the pantry. Vinegar is a great choice to use on mirrors, and it is all natural which is a plus If the goal is to clean green. Vinegar is non-toxic which means its antibacterial and acidic content is safe to use around pets, kids, and even safe if it gets on the skin. Mix a 50/50 ratio with distilled or soft water in a bucket or better yet a reusable spray bottle, for clean and streak free windows.

Less Suds

Whoever said to use more suds never cleaned windows. Some soap is good, but if too much is used, it will lead to ugly streaks on the glass. If soap needs to be used, mix the soap sparingly leading to a less is more concoction. Sudsy ammonia can be used as well. Experiment with different measurements to create the perfect formula. Once the right formula is found, pour the mixture into a labeled spray bottle and get to work.

Buff It

What’s not to love in a little buff?  The cleaning formula could be perfect, and the type of cloth used could be on the best-printed newspaper, and a streak or two may still appear. That is when the quick buff comes in handy.  Use a clean and dry microfiber or chamois towel, not a paper towel, to buff out those pesky streaks and watch them disappear.


Staying on top of it will significantly reduce the amount of grime and dirt that may build up on the windows. Cleaning windows often will make the task that much less difficult. The great thing about the supplies that were listed is that they are inexpensive and easy to access.

Don’t let dirty windows soil the mood in the house.  Get the essentials together to start spraying and wiping towards clean and glistening windows.

And don’t forget to maintenance window of your home time to time. It will give you long lasting and looking very nice.

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