DIY Guide : Window Maintenance Tips

When someone takes a first glance at one’s home, what catches their eye? The yard, the front door, maybe the windows. Well believe it or not windows make up a large part of a home’s curb appeal and will probably be one of the most significant investments a person will make to their home.

That is why it is essential to take care of them so that way they will last a long time. Proper care and maintenance will go a long way to making sure that a home’s windows will last a long time.

Everything requires maintenance, and that includes a home’s windows. Windows take a considerable beating from harsh weather and debris so it is important to create a routine that will help keep windows looking brand new. So this is the DIY guide to do the job.

Few Window Maintenance Tips

Here are a few window maintenance tips that will help. These tasks are not so hard. If you like, you can do these easily by yourself. So that’s the reason of this DIY guide of maintenance your windows.

Clean Them

It is important to wipe down windows regularly. A damp cloth can be used to clean wooden windows making sure not to use to much water. Too much water could lead to rot which will ruin them. With vinyl and aluminum windows, a light detergent and a soft brush can be used to clean them. For the glass, a window glass cleaner will leave them crisp and sparkling.

Make sure to clean the window casing. This will prevent build-up of debris in the tracks of the windows. Keeping the tracks clean will help make sure that the window will not jam.

Inspect Your Windows

After every season, one should inspect their windows to see what kind of condition they are in. Check for rot around the windows and sills. With double and triple paned windows, one must check for moisture.

If moisture is found this is a sign that a seal is bad and will need to be replaced. Missing or broken seals will lead to drafts and allow heat and cold air to escape the home, increasing energy loss. Look for missing paint around the window, areas of the pane that may have become brittle from the sun, and the weather stripping to make sure it is not worn out.


No one wants huge energy bills. But this will be the case if you have gaps around the windows. Gaps will not only allow air to come in, but will also allow air to escape, allowing the air conditioner to work harder than necessary. This will reduce a homes energy efficiency and leading to higher electric bills. Replace any worn out seals. This will not only help to limit any leaks from either air or water but will help secure the window in place. Caulk or a spray foam can be used to seal the windows.


Wooden and metal window frames should be re-painted every three to four years. It will not only protect them but will also keep them looking great. Make sure that the window is cleaned before painting and that you avoid painting any moving parts of the window. Be aware to not paint a window that is closed. This may lead to the window being painted shut and unable to be opened.

Proactive Approach

Damaged areas need immediate attention. Any cracks, holes, and splinters need to be addressed immediately. The longer one waits, the more likely the window will fail. If any rotted sections are found, make sure to remove any bad wood from the area and then fill the cracks and holes with epoxy putty. After the putty dries use sandpaper to smooth the area. Then the area can be primed and painted.

The same applies to the glass. If cracked or broken glass is found, this must be replaced immediately. Having a broken window pane reduces the security of the home and increases one’s chances of getting cut accidentally.


As one can see, it is important to make sure that windows are being maintained properly. Windows that are cared for will not only look great but will also keep a home secure and more energy efficient. So, after this winter season what is the first thing one should do?

Take a walk around their home and investigate any windows. Any issues that are found must be addressed quickly and effectively. That way the windows will be ready for whatever the next season will bring and continue to give off that wonderful curb appeal.

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