Steps of Wireless Headphones Use with TV

Having wireless earbud headphones offers incredible advantages. One of them is to enjoy your favorite TV shows at night without waking your family members while they sleep. If you’re looking for entertainment with privacy, wireless headphones are the best way to get it.

Not many people know how to synchronize their wireless headphones with their TVs. If you don’t want to ask someone else’s help, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect wireless headphones using Bluetooth.

What is the Benefits to Use a Wireless Headphone with TV?

If you’re one of those who enjoy the wonderful sound effects and amazing soundtracks from movies, new wireless headphones are the perfect gift for you.

There’s nothing more exciting than watching a sports game on TV while you immerse yourself in the action of the moment listening to the background sound.

If you’re an animal lover, you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature that transport you for a few seconds to the most impressive landscapes of the planet.

Using wireless headphones with TV is the best way to turn your entertainment moments into something magical. Wireless headphones give you a totally new perspective on the world, pushing your sense of hearing to the next level.

If you want to listen to concerts and musical shows, but you don’t want to disturb others by putting too much volume, connect your wireless headphones to the TV. You can adjust the volume to the level you prefer without interrupting anyone.

In past, you had to keep your head near to the TV to use headphones. The cables used to be too short and the experience wasn’t exactly the most comfortable.

Now, with wireless headphones you can move wherever you want without missing what it’s said on TV. You can even go to the bathroom and listen to your favorite news at the same time.

Using wireless headphones gives you a feeling of freedom that you won’t experience with the awkward wired headphones.

Step by Step of Wireless Headphones Use with TV?

Unfortunately, not all TVs work with the newest wireless headphones. However, most Smart TV’s manufactured after 2016 are compatible with these devices.

Here’s a step by step explanation of how to connect wireless headphones with TV.

01. Verify that your TV has Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a local network that allows data transfer between electronic devices in real time. Most modern wireless headphones use Bluetooth to receive sound from the source.

Obviously, your TV (the source) needs to have Bluetooth to connect to your wireless headphones. If you don’t know, check the product features in the user guide or Internet.

02. Press Menu Button On Your Remote Control

If your TV has Bluetooth, you can continue. Take your remote control and press the Menu button. The location of the button may vary in different brands and TV models.

03. Choose the Sound Option in the Menu

When you press the button, the menu will appear on the screen indicating various options. With the scroll buttons, which usually coincide with volume or channel buttons, select the Sound.

04. Turn on Your Wireless Headphones and Activate Pairing Mode

Turn on your wireless headphones and activate pairing mode. This will allow the headphones to be visible to other devices with Bluetooth.

05. Change the Sound Output

In the Sound sub-menu, choose the Output option. There you’ll find several options, including TV speakers, Aux and Bluetooth. Choose the Bluetooth option.

Then, a list of nearby Bluetooth devices will appear. In the list, choose the name of your wireless headphones. After a second, the sound starts coming out of your headphones.


To enjoy the sound of your TV in the newest wireless headphones, your TV needs Bluetooth. Otherwise, you could use older models of wireless headphones that connect through the headphones output.

Buying a new Smart TV just to enjoy the sound of wireless headphones is definitely worth it. Without a doubt, it’s the best invested money in your whole life.

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